Taurus Unveils New Hybrid G3X and Tricked Out ‘Steel Challenge Ready’ TX 22 – SHOT Show 2022

Taurus unveiled a host of new handguns at SHOT Show 2022, and the new G3X and TX 22 Competition SCR were two of the most exciting.

The G3X adds to Taurus’s flagship line of G3 handguns by blending a full-size mag capacity with a shortened barrel and slide to give users a fantastic concealed carry option. The new TX 22 is a race gun ready out of the box for steel challenge competitions.

We got a chance to see both new guns when we swung by the Taurus booth at SHOT Show 2022.

The G3X features a 15-round magazine but only measures 6.3 inches in length and 1.2 inches in width. It also only weighs 22 ounces, which makes it a great go-to gun for concealed carry. It isn’t as small as other subcompact handguns, but it offers better magazine capacity than the “large-capacity” micro guns on the market.

It also costs less than many of those guns. At only $339 MSRP, you should be able to find Taurus’ new gun for right around $300 on GunsAmerica and at your local retailer.

We haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, but it feels great. That large grip is great for bigger hands—it offers better purchase on the handgun to control recoil and extends below the palm for easy mag reloading. The trigger is crisp and clean, and Taurus removed the manual safety for a snag-free profile.

The new G3x would be a high-value concealed carry handgun.

The G3X is a solid, no-nonsense option, but the new TX 22 Competition “Steel Challenge Ready” gun was the real showstopper. The TX 22 has been one of our favorite Taurus offerings since it was released in 2019, and Riley Baxter gave the first iteration of the Competition gun high marks.

The primary difference between that gun and this new offering is the TandemKross Game Changer PRO squared compensator affixed to the muzzle of the gun. If a compensator on a .22 LR sounds like overkill, you’ve never met a Steel Challenge competitor. When fractions of a second mean the difference between victory and defeat, these competitors are looking for even the slightest edge.

That’s who Taurus had in mind when they designed the new TX 22 Competition SCR. This is a true race gun. The trigger is excellent, the large frame feels good in the hands, the custom bull barrel provides exceptional accuracy, and the optics plate allows for a wide range of mounting options.

Plus, the addition of the compensator qualifies the TX 22 Competition SCR as a “competition pistol,” making it legal to own in states like Massachusetts.

MSRP on the TX 22 Competition SCR is a very reasonable $589.

The new TX 22 is fully loaded and reading for competition.

Click here to check out the G3X and the TX 22 Competition SCR. Both guns are shipping now!

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