The SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot – Redefining Optics Performance — SHOT Show 2023

The SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot is the latest, most advanced optic from SIG SAUER. Specifically designed for the military as the optimal red dot sight for the M17, M18, and MHS Military contract firearms.

Superior Build Quality for Durability and Reliability

The Romeo M17 Red Dot was designed from the ground up to be a rugged and durable red dot optic that can withstand even the harshest conditions that the military might put it through.

It is fully enclosed and completely sealed with argon purging for superior performance in all weather conditions.

What’s more, it mounts from underneath the slide of the SIG M17 or M18 and has multiple recoil contact points on the slide to ensure maximum security when mounted.

Additionally, its battery (a 2032 side-mounted) can easily be accessed and replaced without needing to dismount the optic.

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Due to its unique design of mounting from the bottom of the slide, the Romeo M17 sits low enough to co-witness perfectly with standard iron sights!

The low mount also means that shooters coming from iron sights should have no problem transitioning to the dot with minimal training.

Dual Button Control & Night Vision Settings

For complete control over the brightness, dual buttons are situated on the left side of the RM17, which are protected by a metal shroud. The buttons allow users to adjust brightness levels quickly and easily. Because it was designed for the military it contains several night vision settings.

The Commercial Version is Coming

The current version of the Romeo M17 only fits military contract pistols. However, commercial versions are launching in just a few months at around the same price as a SIG Sauer Romeo 2.

SIG also hinted that we may see a version for the P365 pistol family in the not-too-distant future.

Ultimately if you’re searching for an incredibly versatile piece of optics equipment with the best features and newest technology that will provide unparalleled performance in whatever situation you find yourself in then look no further than the SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot Sight – because this is one piece of kit designed especially with professionals (and enthusiasts alike!) In mind!

Visit SIG Sauer for more information.

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  • Kane January 26, 2023, 12:03 pm

    BEWATE OF Sig.

    I bought an expensive Sig Romeo2 from Optics Planet. It was supposed to come with an owner’s manual, not mine. The optic itself has one bright red dot and a second red dot at about 6 o’clock of the first, that’s a problem. I contacted Sig, sent the optic in and in no time the same defective product was sent back to me. The “GUNSMITH” claimed that he “WAS UNABLE TO REPRODUCE CONDITIONS.” In other words, he did not see the second red dot.

    So I brought the Romeo2 to several gun stores and everyone saw the problem and were not interested and selling it on consignment. One lady who shoots competition showed me a way to diminsh the second red dot. That helped but I was still ripped off by Sig.

    The Sig service rep, Joshuah Spurgeon or whatever his name was, never sent me an owner manual even though on several e-mails I pointed out the fact that thet “QC4” never included the OM in the package. Spurgeon did not seem to even have looked over the Romeo2 that I sent into Sig. That would have helped, so I did not have to try and senf worthless pictures.

    I paid top price and got low quality and poor treatment from Sig.. I am no longer a fan. My ony recourse is to warn others which I will do at every oppurtunity. BEWARE OF Sig.

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