Wilson Custom Glock 19 MOS – Duty Ready

Wilson Combat offers a complete line of Glock modifications for a very reasonable price.

Wilson Combat Meets Glock Perfection

For over 40 years, Wilson Combat has been the leader in custom 1911 pistols and parts. However, Bill’s interests extend to developing custom calibers for hunting, a complete line of AR rifles, and shotgun work. In 2018, he made the decision to start doing custom work on Glocks.

As of today, Wilson offers an a’ la carte build sheet that gives customers over 80 options. In 2018, I sent Wilson a Glock Gen4 19. The shop did a great job on the gun and, when I got it back, it has become my daily carry pistol. Wilson Combat Glock Sheet

When the author wanted to transition to a red dot optic, he had Wilson replicate the package they did on his daily carry Glock 19, shown at the bottom.

G19 MOS Build

I wanted my MOS to have the same enhanced features as my daily carry 19. I sent Wilson a stock, GEN4, G-19 MOS with the exception of having Trijicon suppressor height sights installed.

The slide received the most extensive work. Wilson machined seven forward cocking serrations that replicated the factory rear cocking serrations. They also beveled and radiused the front of the slide making it look very similar to the current Gen5 guns.

The top of the slide was machined with 28 LPI serrations and the Wilson eagle logo was etched just behind the ejection port. Wilson also installed a hard fit, match, barrel that features a recessed muzzle.

Wilson does a very nice job machining forward cocking serrations that match the rear factory serrations.
The Wilson Eagle logo was etched on the top of the slide and anti-glare serrations were machined from the ejection port to the front sight.
A Wilson match grade barrel was fitted and the ejection port was lowered to further assist in reliability.
A Wilson match grade barrel is nicely crowned and extends slightly from the slide.
Wilson’s signature star burst pattern was laser etched on the frame. The overall appearance is stunning.

The frame was laser etched with Wilson’s classic starburst pattern. I opted for the double-cut trigger guard that provides a higher purchase on the pistol. Wilson upgraded the fire controls with their own trigger and improved parts. Finally, they coated the slide with a gray Armor-Tuff finish while leaving the frame black. The two-tone combination makes for a very attractive pistol.

Wilson’s installed their enhanced trigger and double cut the bottom of the trigger guard.
The author installed a Magpul Enhanced Magazine Well on his two carry Glocks. The ridge at the bottom helps improve his grip on the pistol.
The Magpul Enhanced Magazine Well installs in minutes and enhances the feed funnel with minimal impact on the overall size of the pistol.
The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 is one of the toughest red dot sights on the market today. The ACRO P-2 was recently introduces and has improved battery life. The P-1 I shown with the new NANO2 from Multitasker.

Optic Choice

In 2018, Aimpoint introduced a new optic specifically designed for use on semi-auto pistols. The Advanced Combat Reflex Optic, ACRO, is a completely enclosed design that protected the emitter, lens, and other components from the elements. It has a 3.5 MOA red dot that features 10 brightness settings, 6 daylight settings, and 4 night vision compatible settings. It is submersible to 80 feet and does not require removal from the pistol to change the battery. While the ACRO looks large, the actual footprint is only marginally larger than an RMR. Aimpoint ACRO P-1 I mounted the ACRO using a plate from C&H Precision Weapons.

The trigger broke cleanly and consistently.

Initial Impressions

The frame and slide work was, as expected, typical of Wilson’s quality. I did have an issue with the trigger guard. The gap between the front strap and the first finger ridge was not large enough to accommodate my middle finger. This resulted in my knuckle resting on top of the ridge. A little work with emery cloth took the sharp edge down to where it is now a comfortable grip.

The Wilson Combat trigger, combined with the new disconnector, gave the 19 a solid trigger that broke cleanly and averaged 4 lbs. 2 oz. Initially, the trigger had a slight rough spot but, after dry fire exercises, and several trips to the range, is smoothed right out.

Since installing the Magpul magazine well, the author has been using PMAG 15 GL9 magazine with good success. The orange followers are a nice feature. The authors daily carry ammo is the Speer 124 gr. Gold Dot. It is a proven round and in use with many law enforcement agencies across the country.

After getting the 19 MOS back from Wilson, I installed a Magpul Enhanced Magazine well. For $24.95, it is hard to beat. It is each easy to install and provides a large funnel for reloads. The Magpul unit is not compatible with stock GEN 4 Glock magazines. I have been using Magpul P Mags for my Glock 19s. I have found them to be reliable and the extended base plate aids in seating the magazine in the pistol. The newer, GEN5 magazines will also work with the magazine well. Glock Enhanced Magazine Well

Range time with the Wilson 19 MOS was a pleasure. As expected, it was 100% reliable with all the loads we tested.

Shots Fired

A few weeks before I received the 19 MOS from Wilson, I had the opportunity to attend a short orientation class on red dot sights presented by Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant. Brian is almost like a Zen master when it comes to coaching firearms. He is a deep thinker who breaks everything down into understandable terms and obtainable skills. This short class allowed me to work on my basic skills, in the proper manner, and avoid common pitfalls.

One of the advantages of the red dot optic is improved performance at extended distances. This was one of the first groups shot from 25 yards.
The SDS-K, from Josh Bulman is a well executed holster designed for hard use.

On the range, the flat face trigger provided a more consistent placement of the trigger finger and immediately improved my accuracy. The Starburst stippling provided an enhanced gripping surface but was not overly aggressive. The ridge of the Magpul magazine gave support to my little finger and aided in establishing a positive purchase during speed presentations.

I ran a variety of ammunition through the 19, from a 95 gr +P load to 147 gr. subsonic loads.

As expected, we experienced no malfunctions with the Wilson Glock. For personal defense ammunition, I really like the Wilson 124 gr. XTP +P load. All three loads printed groups under 2” when I did my job. The following chart details the various loads and performance. Wilson Pinnacle Ammunition

Wilson Combat Custom Glock 19 MOS Range Results
ManufacturerLoadAvg. Velocity
Wilson Combat95 gr. TAC-XP Short Barrel1,277 fps
Wilson Combat115 gr. TAC-XP +P1.092 fps
Wilson Combat124 gr. XTP-HP +P1,163 fps

After the mandatory testing, I ran my standard drills with the G19. The Hackathorn 10-10-10 drill is deceptively difficult. It calls for starting at a ready position, and engaging a NRA 25-yard bullseye target from 10 yards, with 10 shots, in 10 seconds. My best run was a 97 with three shots in the “X” ring.

Daily Carry

Some or my previous holsters would not accommodate the ACRO so I reached out to Josh Bulman and to Black Point Tactical.

Josh, who has been known for quality leather for years, has recently introduced a line of custom kydex. Each holster is made when it is ordered, allowing options for the customer. He sent me his SDS-K which is a straight drop, outside the waistband holster, and a matching double magazine pouch. I specifically asked for no rear sweat guard and that the holster accommodate an extended, threaded barrel. I have been very pleased with the set. Bulman Combat Leather

Bulman’s matching magazine carrier is tapered at the bottom for improved comfort and conceivability.

If you have read any of Jack Carr’s books, you know that his protagonist, James Reece, uses Black Point Tactical. As a side note, Carr is a gun guy and, in real life, uses their gear. Black Point Tactical was kind enough to send me a Standard OWB Light Mounted rig to be set up for use with a SureFire X300 Ultra Weapon Mounted light. They also sent me a Modular Double Mag pouch. Black Point uses single Kydex units that are attached by a leather wing. This allows the user to customize their gear to meet specific needs. As a side benefit, the double pouch flexes to contour to the waistline, improving both comfort and reducing the profile. Black Point Tactical

Black Point Tactical’s OWB rig is cut to allow a SureFire X300 Ultra weapon mounted light. It also accommodates an extended barrel.
The Modular Accessory system from Black Point allows individual components to be attached in a number of configurations.
The Multitasker NANO2 comes with a replacement baseplate for a Glock magazine.

As I was finishing up this article, I received the new NANO2 from Multitasker. The NAN2 is a micro tool specifically designed for red dot optics. It features a slotted screwdriver tip and a T10 Torx. It is shipped with a replacement baseplate for a Glock magazine that secures the tool when not in use. Multitasker NANO

While I have spent considerable time, and rounds downrange, with the 19 MOS, I have not reached the point where it has become a personal defense carry pistol, yet! I am also looking forward to swapping out the ACRO P-1 for the new P-2 model. The new P-2 has an improved power source that provides a significantly improved battery life. Stay tuned for more on the P-2. Aimpoint ACRO P-2

Closing Thoughts

For many readers, a stock Glock 19, with good sights, meets their needs. I have several stock Glocks that I shoot well. However, one only has to look at the number of shops, that offer modification, to realize that custom Glocks are popular and meet the wants and needs of the shooter. The price of Wilson’s work, and their turnaround time, is very reasonable. Whether you want a full custom Glock, or simply some slide serrations and a trigger, Wilson can accommodate your requests. I’ve carried my Wilson Combat G-19, daily, for over five years and have been very pleased.

For more information visit their website at www.wilsoncombat.com

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  • DELCO February 25, 2022, 6:17 am

    Wilson combat is known for Quality. You definitely are going to pay for that quality. Wilson combat products are expensive, but you get that top of the line workmanship. My Wilson 9mm PCC is always my top choice when I’m going to a class or an event.

  • Ted Rolson February 21, 2022, 9:07 am

    I see that you do custom work on Glocks. Do you modify other pistols. I retired from Law Enforcement and kept my weapon. I have a H&K P2000 LEM modification trigger. I would like to get the slide to be machine cut to mount a red dot sight. Can you do that? If not can you recommend somewhere else?

    • Garrett Rob February 21, 2022, 10:19 am

      I do not work for Wilson and can’t speak for them. Do some searching and I’m sure you can find a shop to work on your HK.


  • Pantexan February 21, 2022, 9:03 am

    For a complete article it would be good to know what you consider reasonable for the work that was done.

    • Garrett Rob February 21, 2022, 10:18 am

      The price sheet is linked in the article. I understand that reasonably is a subjective term. I found the work to be less than some other well known shop. This is due,in part, to the use of the laser and the extensive manufacturing resources that Wilson has.

      Thanks for the comment.


  • StoryTimeDavid February 21, 2022, 7:13 am

    Bill Wilson and his company are legendary for there excellent work and their work and their custom guns are the very best top of mark.

    Now that I have just moved to a free state from California that has been taking over by the fraud of mail in voter ballot treason I can be able to purchase one or more of Bill Wilson’s fine guns.

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