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Diamondback AR-15 DB15CCB SuperKit! Everything Included!
Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce its NEW line of DB15 rifles made entirely in the USA! Starting with the tried- ...(read more)
Gun #: 931154996
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 277
FAMILY:Echo Series MODEL:Echo 1 TYPE:Accessory-Lasers and Sights FINISH:Graphite MAGNIFICATION:1X-2X ADJUSTABL ...(read more)
Gun #: 951430453
Seller: The Shot Group (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 47
Smith&Wesson AR-15 SuperKit MOE
Product Description The fully US-Manufactured Smith & Wesson M&P15 MOE for sale!! ...(read more)
Gun #: 970026540
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 277
Here's a new and very hard-to-get, KEL-TEC RFB "BULLPUP" .308 TACTICAL 18-inch BARRELED RIFLE. This gem is being offere ...(read more)
Gun #: 968575412
Seller: Southern Yankee Guns (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 131
Desert Eagle Mark XIX 44 Rem Mag W/ 2 Barrels, 2 Magazines and accessories.
We have just taken in a like new used Desert Eagle 44 Mag Mark XIX in black with 2 Magazines and 2 Barrels. One in 6" an ...(read more)
Gun #: 951466652
Seller: Fox Firearms Sales and Training (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 185
DPMS G2 Recon SuperKit .308/7.62NATO
The fully US-Manufactured DPMS G2 Recon 308 for sale!! This is a DPMS G2 Recon Rifle, with improved ejectors, better ...(read more)
Gun #: 901425494
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 277
The world’s first AR fully shielded by WMD’s proprietary NiB-X nickel boron coating process—inside and out! Lesser ARs a ...(read more)
Gun #: 945085443
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 277
Smith & Wesson AR-15 SuperKit
The fully US-Manufactured Smith and Wesson AR-15 for sale!! Model: M&P15 Sport II Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO Capacity: ...(read more)
Gun #: 989068537
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 277
Kimber 84L Montana (2016) .280 Ackley Imp 24
Brand New in the Box, Ready to Ship. Buy It Now!! Manufacturer: Kimber America Model: 84L Montana (2016) SK ...(read more)
Gun #: 977374354
Seller: Ammo And Arms (FFL Dealer)
ATI Firepower Xtreme 45ACP GI 1911 4.25
1911 fans will surely take notice when they see the attractive new pricing of the proven Firepower Xtreme series. Our c ...(read more)
Gun #: 939283382
Seller: Discount Tactical Supply (FFL Dealer)
Browning Superposed Pointer Grade 20ga 28
Browning Superposed Pointer Grade over/under shotgun in 20 gauge. 28" barrel, 3" chamber. Round knob, long tang. Choked ...(read more)
Gun #: 966644014
Seller: Silver Creek Outfitters (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 132
On consignment we have a Colt Sauer bolt action Sporting Rifle model in .270 Winchester. This rifle features a checkere ...(read more)
Gun #: 926194453
Seller: Elk Castle Shooting Sports (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 1131
KRISS Vector Gen II SBR 10mm BLACK KV10-SBL20
Brand new in the box, Ready To Ship!! Manufacturer: Kriss-USA Model: KRISS Vector GEN II SBR (Black) SKU: KV10- ...(read more)
Gun #: 919610972
Seller: Ammo And Arms (FFL Dealer)
Glock 42 380ACP Pistol
The newest Glock pistol, the G42 .380, is also the smallest Glock pistol to date. Manufactured by Glock in the USA, the ...(read more)
Gun #: 915767258
Seller: Discount Tactical Supply (FFL Dealer)
Springfield XDM OSP 9mm
The XD(M)® OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol) allows attachment of popular red dot optics directly to the XD(M)® 4.5-inch pisto ...(read more)
Gun #: 971802417
Seller: UBGGUY (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 17
Kimber Micro Raptor 2.75
New in the Box, Ready to Ship. Buy It Now!! Weighing less than 14 ounces and with a barrel length of just 2.75 inche ...(read more)
Gun #: 969972758
Seller: Ammo And Arms (FFL Dealer)
Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm 4.25
The M&P M2.0 pistol is designed for personal, sporting, and professional use. It delivers innovative features in nearly ...(read more)
Gun #: 914281846
Seller: Discount Tactical Supply (FFL Dealer)
Glock 27 G27 Gen4 Battlefield Green Frame .40 S&W PG2750201BFG
Brand New in the Box, Ready to Ship. Buy it Now!! The GLOCK 27 Gen4, in .40, introduces revolutionary design changes ...(read more)
Gun #: 995938643
Seller: Ammo And Arms (FFL Dealer)

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