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Stocking Dealer Services

Live Inventory StoreFronts

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Live Inventory Storefronts

Making your own website with a live link to your inventory in the store can be a chore. Doing what amounts to double data entry to also sell them on GunsAmerica is even more difficult. Add to that design issues and the extra employee to administrate the whole online effort and many gun shops just never get around to it. Live Inventory Storefronts provide pre-made graphical look and feel templates plus a live connection to your inventory and ads on GunsAmerica. No extra employee is required and the website administrates itself.

  • Five Clicks (and one checkbox) to Your Own Website!
  • Finally an Easy, Automated Website for Your Gun Business
  • Dozens of Templates to Choose From
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Signup Fee
  • No GunsAmerica After Sale or Posting Fees
  • 3 Month Free Beta Testing for a Limited Time

GunsAmerica Live Payments

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Live Payments

Many gun shops and even large regional stores have been shut off by their merchant account provider for taking gun transactions and gun transactions that are not face to face. This is what amounts to hidden gun control by shutting off gun merchants from taking perfectly legal, shipped to an FFL like all other mail order sales, online transaction. In every industry today online is a huge portion of modern retail.

GunsAmerica has partnered with Merchant Services Ltd., a Pro-Gun, Pro-2nd Amendment company, owned by gun owners and in business 20 years, to offer merchant accounts for swipe sales, website sales, and Live Storefront website sales for an incredibly powerful payment solution for the gun industry.

  • Great Rates
  • Clear and Consistent Fees
  • Pro-Gun, Pro-2nd Amendment Provider
  • 1.75% & 25c/tr Swipe
  • 2.25% & 29c/tr Internet
  • Phone-Only Accounts Available from 2.69% & 29c/tr
  • $10/mo Statement fee
  • $25/mo Min. charge fees
  • $10/mo & 10c/tr Secure Gateway fee (internet only)
  • Terminals at Wholesale Cost from $199
  • Free Integration with your Live Inventory Storefront

GunsAmerica 48 Hour Guns

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An enormous demand for product is created through existing media channels for specific guns, specific models, specific camo patterns, and even specific option packages. The problem that after all is said and done, the advertising dollars are spent, the editorial is written, printed and mailed, the guns are not on the shelves of the local gun shop. With all of today's options it is impossible for every dealer to carry every model of every gun that appears every magazine article, every advertisement and especially every manufacturer catalog. But the guns themselves do exist. They are on the distributor shelves or on the factory shelves, and this program, 48 Hour Guns will finally match that consumer with that product, through the consumer's local brick and mortar stocking dealer.

  • Orders Fulfilled Through Existing Distributors
  • List Items from Your chosen Distributors Only(
  • Major Suppliers and Manufacturers (ex. Remington, Mossberg) Already Online
  • No Club or Group to Join
  • No GunsAmerica Posting Fees
  • Standard ~$10 GunsAmerica After Sale fee
  • Capture New Customers by Giving Them What They want!!

GunsAmerica Drop Off Locations

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GA Drop Off Locations

Nobody wants to sell their own gun anymore, especially over state lines. In most states and even nationally the political climate makes you feel like you are always doing something wrong. And the TV police shows have made everyone paranoid that the gun they sell to a stranger in another state today may come back to haunt them later with a knock on the door from a federal agent. In addition many dealers will not accept guns shipped over state lines from an individual. They require an FFL on both sides of the transaction. Until now no organized system was in place nationally to offer this bound book/shipping out service to the consumer. With Drop Off Locations the consumer can sell the gun himself online and pay a fee to send the transaction through an FFL dealer.

  • Optional Consignment Program
  • No Per-Transaction fees from GunsAmerica
  • Automatic In-State Radius Matching to Our Visitor Zip Codes

Did You Know?

That when GunsAmerica started there were over 300,000 licensed FFL dealers in the US? Now there are 59,000 and the pool is shrinking daily. We consider this COVERT GUN CONTROL by the anti-gunners. By setting up more and more hoops to jump through and increasing fees the anti-2nd Amendment, anti-gunners are slowly chipping away at America's ability to posses firearms.

GunsAmerica Stocking Dealer services were designed to support the foundation of our industry and our firearm freedom, the STOCKING GUN DEALER. We as an industry need to make the stocking dealer more profitable and give him more way to make profit from us, the gun buying public.

The FLAGSHIPS OF THIS PROGRAM are our automated website tool called Live Inventory Storefronts and GunsAmerica Drop Off Locations which is part of our Premium FFL Dealer Network.

Live Store Fronts - 12 Months Free

Live Storefronts and our Premium FFL program are free for 12 months when you sign up for Live Payments. To qualify you must complete the application form for a merchant account with our third party provider, Merchant Services Ltd. If you are already processing Mastercard/Visa/AMEX our partner in this, MSL, can compare your statements and show you how you will save money. MSL is a pro-2nd Amendment, pro-gun company and you will not be shut off for non-face to face transactions like many have been lately. The rates are great and the service is great, and MSL has been in business for 20 years. If you are already taking credit cards, this is money you are already paying, most likely to an anti-gun company that will eventually bite you in the behind. If you are not taking credit cards, this is the best option you will find, and one that can be built into your Live Storefronts website if/when you want to take payments online.

An MSL merchant account has nothing to do with your GunsAmerica account. We call it Live Payments simply because we can integrate it easily with the store, but it is MSL and the bank, not GunsAmerica, that is providing you with a merchant account, and your status with GA has no bearing on your merchant account at all, ever, and vice versa.

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