Revolutionizes the World of Custom Gun Cases—SHOT Show 2014 Revolutionizes the World of Custom Gun Cases—SHOT Show 2014

The SHOT Show is literally acres and acres of guns. The physical space is comparable to a suburban mall made up of gun stores. With so much to see, so many triggers to fiddle with, some of the real innovation can be hard to see. I first ran into the geniuses behind at last year’s NRA convention. I found them again at SHOT, and they’re showing off something truly revolutionary. You can now take a picture of your gun (or whatever you’d like) and their software will convert that photo into a 3D pattern that can be cut in foam. has a unique product. They sell cases. They sell foam. The real appeal of the site is the service that combines the two. They’re building a library of shapes that users can arrange to their liking. They started with a handful of guns, and now have a slew of available models to choose from. Guns and magazines. If they don’t have it on the site, you can request it.

Or you can modify shapes to meet your own needs. Their software allows you to specify exact dimensions, and to duplicate and move these shapes around. The new photo tracing software will identify an outline that you can modify, too, if needed. Simply input the photograph, and provide basic dimensions, and your shape appears like magic.
I’ve used their service twice. I had a case cut for a Stag 3G in a Pelican 1750. It was so well done that I built a second case for all of my camera equipment. You should check them out if you’re in the market for a case, or even for foam. It is high time to get rid of whatever you’ve butchered yourself (see the photo below) and have it done right.


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  • Straight shooter January 30, 2014, 11:33 am

    Why would anyone write a review of a product that he was happy with and not give the reader some idea of the expected cost. Now I know who makes the product, and what the website of the manufacturer is. But I still don’t know the approximate cost.

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