Springfield Armory XD-M Compact

Springfield Armory

This is another of the guns that we checked out on Range Day before SHOT Show and as I explained there, it is more of a gun than it is a story. Last year Springfield released the XD-M 3.8, which was a short barreled gun with the same frame as a standard XD-M. It handles really well but it looks odd because of the long grip on a short barreled gun. This true compact XD-M is the same gun with the shorter frame. We actually got a chance to shoot this gun and it is as natural a pointer as the other XDs, with all of the added XD-M features. Next we’re hoping for a subcompact.

If you were thinking of getting the 3.8 XD-M because of the capacity, this compact does come with an extended magazine with a sleeve, to bring the gun up to a full 16+1. This is the same extended magazine made for the regular XD subcompact. it feel just like the 3.8 with this long magazine and is almost identical.

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  • James J. Carrington June 26, 2012, 10:05 pm

    I read the article on the XDS, and I am so impressed there’s no doubt in my mind this will be my next gun purchase. which will replace my favorite carry at present, S&W 9MM Model 3914. Thank you for a well a job well done, and for all the good information you give us fire arm users.

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