SureFire Showcases New Modular, Mini Suppressors – SHOT Show 2017

Ryder 9M-Ti Suppressor

To learn more about SureFire’s lineup of suppressors, make sure to visit the website.

RYDER 9M-Ti features modular designed innovation that can be added or removed based on application.

The SureFire RYDER 9M-Ti suppressor for 9mm pistols and rifles features a strong, ultra-lightweight titanium tube. The RYDER 9M-Ti’s uses proprietary, baffles that are machined from U.S.-mill certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock for extreme durability.

These baffles are indexed and numbered to permit disassembly, cleaning, and exact reassembly. The ‘”M” means that you can remove a 2” module from the front portion of the suppressor to reduce overall length and weight. Add the module back for added sound suppression on 9mm pistols and rifles.

RYDER 9M suppressors come with a cleaning rod that makes cleaning and reassembly fool proof

Included is a best-in-class assembly/disassembly tool for cleaning. To mount this on your pistol caliber carbine you unscrew the spring pack and install the solid connector. This is truly a modular system.


Full line of Ryder suppressors RYDER 9-MP5, RYDER 9-Ti, RYDER 9M-Ti

The RYDER 9-MP5 is a machine gun duty-use suppressor for the H&K MP5 submachine gun. Stainless steel construction, rounded ends and fluted body reduce weight with no sacrifice in strength. Patented stainless steel baffles are durable and provide superior sound attenuation and reduced muzzle blast. The suppressor attaches to a standard Tri-Lug Assembly.

Included is the best-in-class assembly/disassembly tool for cleaning. The SF RYDER™ 9-MP5 will be available summer 2017.


SureFire Ryder 22 and Ryder 22-Min both deliver industry leading noise reduction.

The new RYDER 22-MINI offers the same great benefits as the RYDER 22-S only now in a more compact and shorter version.  The only tradeoff is a minimal increase in sound attenuation.  In other words, it’s a bit louder.

This suppressor is optimum for use with carbines and pistols chambered in .22 LR. It’s rated for .17 HMR or .22 WMR as well as full auto. The RYDER 22-MINI will be available summer 2017

New .22 SureFire RYDER 22-MINI suppressor literally fits in the palm of your and only weights 4oz.

To learn more about SureFire’s lineup of suppressors, make sure to visit the website.

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