ATI, Schmeisser and U.S. Palm Rolling Out Cool New AK Mags

If you can’t find ammo, you might as well stock up on magazines. (Photo: Schmeisser)

American Tactical and Schmeisser as well as U.S. Palm have some hot new AK mags incoming. The Schmeisser magazine is a big, stacked coffin magazine while the new U.S. Palm magazines are an inspired must-have for AK fans everywhere.

Both of these new magazines are for 7.62x39mm AKs and may work with other firearms that also use AK mags. The U.S. Palm magazine has a standard capacity of 30 rounds while the Schmeisser mag has an impressive 60-round capacity.

Starting with the Schmeisser magazine, the big coffin mag is being imported exclusively by ATI. The suggested price for these is $84, which is a slight premium over their AR-15 magazines, but only by $5 to $10.

These polymer windowed magazines are made in Germany with a textured exterior, for easy handling, and extra reinforcement and have a polished inner body for reliable operation and feeding. ATI expects to have these on store shelves starting in May this year.

Confusingly, the new magazine is called the S60, the same as the S60 for ARs chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO, and the premium windowed S60 AR-15-pattern magazines. Buyers will have to make sure they’re picking up the right model S60 but the distinctive looks should give this AK magazine away no matter what.

U.S. Palm is kicking it with these brilliant banana mags, too. (Photo: U.S. Palm)

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Although for sheer style the new U.S. Palm magazine comes in first, with a bright banana peel yellow body and contrasting logo blue floorplate. These are the real banana mags for AKs.

While a lot of AK fans have painted their magazines yellow with the logos of their favorite banana companies, the U.S. Palm magazine is a banana mag through and through, made using yellow and blue polymers for these durable and well-tested magazines.

By using colored polymers instead of paints, these magazines will never scratch or flake over time, maintaining a bright banana look as long as they last. Which should be a very long time since U.S. Palm magazines are some of the best-regarded AK mags on today’s market.

These eye-catching mags will definitely get people talking. (Photo: U.S. Palm)

For more info visit ATI and U.S. Palm online.

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  • Jake April 3, 2021, 12:38 pm

    That Schmeisser would go great on an AK with wheels. LOL! Now, if I were carrying an RPK squad weapon for serious social purposes, a 60 rounder would be fantastic. Probably a bit lighter and shorter than the RPK 40 rounder with 50% more capacity. The 5.56 version likewise would be usefulon any 249 SAW variant that still can take magazines.

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