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Point Of Impact: Why 38 Special Is Different Than 357 Magnum? 

We all know that different brands of ammunition and different bullet weights each have a different POI (Point Of Impact). Even when using the same POA (Point Of Aim) out of the same gun.

2 - A Tale of Two Customer Services

Clay’s Tale of Two Customer Services

Two different firearms that didn’t work required that I deal with Customer Service as a regular guy. This is how it worked out.

3-Will- Chalino Sánchez: Dead Man Singing

Dr. Dabbs – Chalino Sánchez: Dead Man Singing

From the very beginning, Chalino felt compelled to sing. However, throughout it all, his siblings would later claim that Chalino also had a deep-seated penchant for violence

Retro Rifle Builds

No matter what the latest high-end AR-15 rifle is or how built up an influencer’s Recce setup is, retro rifle builds are just cool.

Home Invaders on the Run After Accomplice Is Shot By Homeowner

I would be shaken up if someone broke into my home and I would absolutely try to defend myself. Imagine having it happen again the next night too. 

3 - The Home Defense Easy Button

Firearms For Home Defense – The Pros, Cons, & Easy Buttons

Home defense is always a fun topic. It’s one that we often overthink, but for good reason. Our home is our sanctuary, our hideaway, our safe space.

Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery

Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery

Working on some pistol drills at the Vortex Edge facility

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Suspected Thief Sitting In His Car

A San Antonio homeowner fatally shot a man earlier this week when he found the stranger sitting in his car.

Hog Hunting & More with the Christensen Arms MPR

Crafted on a lightweight aluminum chassis boasting a 20 MOA integrated rail, the MPR goes the extra mile with its carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb, and carbon fiber handguard.

3-Will-The MAC-10 at Work and Play: The Gory Demise of Barry Seal

The MAC-10 at Work and Play: The Gory Demise of Barry Seal

Back in the 1980’s, the Military Armament Corporation M-10 submachine gun was, well, the MAC-Daddy. The accursed machinegun ban detonated in 1986, and machinegun prices skyrocketed from there.