Homeowner Uses Shotgun on Man Who Refused to Leave

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A homeowner in San Antonio shot a man who kept coming to the door refusing to leave, with a shotgun. 

The man knocked at the front door late at night. He was asked to leave by the owners. 

According to CBS Austin, this happened twice. Both times, the homeowners requested that the man leave. He was told to “never return,” per an article from LMT Online

The homeowners report hearing a noise outside a little while later. The husband grabbed a shotgun and checked the yard. His wife followed him out.

Shotgun Defense

The man reappeared a third time and attacked the homeowners. The husband fired his shotgun, hitting the attacker in the abdomen. He said his fear was for his wife.

Police received the call for a shooting around 1 a.m. that night. They arrived and attempted to perform life-saving actions on the suspect. He died on the scene, KENS5 reported. 

The authorities have not released identities, but the attacker was a 47-year-old man. Neither the husband nor the wife reported injuries. 

The case is still under investigation. No charges have been made against the homeowner so far.

Do What You Have To Do

He was at his home. The man was asked to leave and didn’t, which is trespassing. When the man allegedly attacked the homeowner, that became assault. 

When the homeowner fired his shotgun, that was presumably self-defense. He had his safety and his wife’s safety to worry about.

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Unfortunately, in our country, we have to worry about our safety more than we’d like. We don’t always know if we are being paranoid or if there is a dangerous situation. 

But we do know that if something happens, and we can’t protect ourselves, we’ll regret it. Are you prepared to defend yourself if it becomes necessary? 

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  • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment July 9, 2024, 1:55 pm

    bet that bad guy will never do that again

  • Mr. Giant Brain July 8, 2024, 11:16 am

    In Columbus Ne calling the cops can get you killed. Yes Nebraska where the single mom tattooed mini van driven extra pluss size feel good about yourself nonworking breed.
    I know! Thank You,

  • Dr. Ben Dover July 8, 2024, 8:19 am

    Score one for the goid guys. We need more Americans to arm themselves and be willing and able to defend themselves and their family’s and if we all chip in a little bit, we can begin to whittle away at the criminals released by George Soros backed D.A.s and eventually, maybe someone will cap that NAZI and send him to hell with his butt buddy Hitler.

  • Slim July 7, 2024, 10:00 pm

    GOOD! OneLESS TWEAKER AND LOON! That’s how you do it folks! Think he’ll ever even step foot in a court room, NOT A CHANCE when he was ON HIS PROPERTY, told the DEAS LOSER to leave TWICE OR MORE, AND DEAD LOSER came BACK THREE times ONE MORE than I’d of GAVE him! JUST SHOOT AND WORRY LATER!!!! Hard to tell a story when the threat IS VERY DEAD! So JUST YOURS;)

  • Jeff July 5, 2024, 12:54 pm

    Any time a weapon is fired in defense of self, family, house, etc. it’s a tragedy. The perp probably gets what they deserve. The shooter is left with some sort of mental/emotional baggage that will need some kind of therapy. It’s better to shoot and survive than most every other option.

  • Dwane July 5, 2024, 11:48 am

    Ok, thanks for the opinion.

  • Mike in a Truck July 5, 2024, 11:25 am

    I won’t call this guy any type of hero or someone to emulate. He’s stupid and his wife is just as stupid. I’ve worked this out way in advance. Who and when to head to a safe room with a phone and firearm and other emergency gear. Who goes out to investigate..if necessary. As Ayoob has said “DONT ANSWER THE DOOR”. Also I’ll bet a nickel all involved knew one another.

    • Dilbert in a Winnebago July 7, 2024, 10:19 pm

      And the PROBLEM IS NOW NO LONGER A PROBLEM…. Seems like a WINNING TACTIC to me! And how does one lose a gun first get with a man with NO GUN?! AGAIN, GOOD TACTIC? YOUR STUPID IMAGINARY world where the cops show up on TWO SECONDS which is MORE than enough time to END YOIR LIFE INSIDE OR NOT GRBIUS since ARW your walls made of FORTIFIED TEN FOOT THICK HARDENED STEAL… no… just CHEAP WOOD that ANY caliber will BLOW RIGJT THREW so go sit in a CAGE where he CAN SINPLY BLOW HOLES WALKING AROUND YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE since cops do NOT EVER show up fast! AND what about the MILLIONS of Americans that do NOT live in the city like myself which I’m FORTU FIVE MINUTES at A HUNDRED miles an hour to me door IF the cop isn’t across MANY TOWNS and in the HOURS it may take or AT LEAST HOUR to get here your house could be SET ON FIRE WITH YOU TARDS INSIDE AND ARE YOU GOING TO WAIT AN HOU IN A BURNING HOME GENIUS?! And hilariously you talk about SOME NOBODY ON YouTube OR ONE OF THE LITTLE PEDOPHILE SITES ONLY KIDS ANS PODO’s troll(Facebook, tic tock names correctly as they know it’s a waste of time hence the tic toc BS!)that CLEARLY you were never ANY type of military MAN or you’d know YOU ADVANCE and do NOT HIDE ANNNNDDD MOST importantly TRAINING NEEEEEEEEVVVVEERRR EVER STOPS since TACTICS CHANGE when for example now we ALL COWARDLY can drop bombs into tanks using KIDS TOYS so what SOME NOBODY was taught THIRTY PLUS YEARS AGO applies MAYBE FIVE PERCENT to TODAYS COMBAT AND THATS THE TOOL BAG YOU CHOOSE TO NOT ONLY FOLLOW HIS OUT OF DATE TRAINING IFFFFFFF HE WAS EVVEERRR ANYTHING THAN A GRUNT, but ALSO PARROT HIS LAME BS… WOW! And name ONE person you’ve EVER MET with a REAL SAFE ROOM! Not a CLOSET OR GARAGE that with ONE swing of a sledge they’re IN AND YOURE PINNED!!!!!! GENIUS! Safe room….. HILARIOUS!!!!! And last is that your name since that’s where you live… your ir someone’s truck;)?!

      • Mike in a Truck July 8, 2024, 8:24 am

        Geez I don’t even know where to begin. First let’s start with the fact you can’t even put a coherent paragraph togather. Next I’ll match DD214’s with you any time. There’s a big difference between defending a Fire Base and Civilian Residence. Yes you can fortify a safe room. Also there’s a thing called the law. It very well may come down to you having to defend your actions in court. Whether in criminal or civil court. Maybe both. Did I say I live in a Truck? I’m retired and sold my small trucking company. I have one tractor and one trailer now and take occasional loads. Yes you can fortify a sleeper. Ever hear of Kevlar? But I bet all your experience comes from the latest gun magazines. You better educate yourself- real fast because as has been said:” every shot you fire comes with a lawyer attached.” We have a saying in trucking when dealing with knuckleheads: YOURE NOT WORTH TALKING TOO.

  • Ricky July 5, 2024, 9:42 am

    This title should be “Homeowner shots man who attacked him”

  • Biomed Bill July 5, 2024, 8:11 am

    The homeowner MAY be justified, and a man’s home is his castle, yes. However, it would have been smarter to call 911 and stay inside with his weapon. If the stranger broke into the home before law enforcement could arrive, then deadly force is justified. Going outside with his wife (really?) puts them in unnecessary danger and in many legal cases works against the homeowner as seeking trouble not defending against it. What the homeowner thought was a single person could easily be 2 or more bad guys with weapons of some sort. In my opinion incidents like this shed a bad light on gun owners not a positive one. For a person with a conscience, the trauma of taking a life when necessary is bad enough, taking one that was preventable is way worse.

  • LJ July 5, 2024, 7:52 am

    A mans home is his castle, or hers, as they say. Sadly some jurisdictions don’t feel that way. If the gun grabbing liberals get their way we’ll be throwing rocks and waiting on the police who may never show up.

  • aquasticky July 3, 2024, 2:50 pm

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