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Optic-Ready Multicam Mossberg 940 JM Pro Review [w/Video]

Teaming up with champ shooter Jerry Miculek, Mossberg just improved upon these 12-gauge beasts by including optic-ready models in the existing lineup.

The Most Modular Handguns

The Most Modular Handguns

Modularity is what keeps a weapon around. Its ability to innovate, adapt, and evolve keeps a firearm around. We know the AR-15 is the world’s most modular rifle, but what are the most modular handguns? 

A rifle sits on a bipod and rear bag, behind an assortment of ammunition.

SIG Sauer Goes Big: Cross Magnum Reviewed

The new SIG Cross Magnum is designed in the image of its precursor but has some alterations I enjoy, such as an integrated ARCA rail in the forend, safety that doubles as a thumb-shelf, vertical grip, and comes standard with a muzzle brake.

3 - The Classic Bushmaster XM15 - American Made

The Classic Bushmaster XM15 – American Made

There are seemingly dozens, if not hundreds, of AR manufacturers out there these days. This is rather new to the market, and there was a time when the AR market was basically Colt and Bushmaster.

A black handgun is posed on a tan tabletop.

Affordable Reliability? Girsan Witness2311 C 10mm Reviewed

My expectations for the Witness2311 C were, admittedly, low. However, all expectations have been surpassed and I’m very happy with this gun for the money.

Unveiling the Bergara Premier Divide Bolt-Action Rifle: Full Review

The Bergara Premier Divide Bolt-Action Rifle: Full Review

Designed to bridge the gap between a tactical and hunting rifle, the Bergara Premier Divide weighs in at just 7.2 lbs.

“How fast? How far? Can you EDC an FN SCAR?” – Dr. Seuss

It’s a volatile world and extra firepower might be important. Using a discreet backpack it’s possible to carry something like the FN SCAR 15p

Hits and Misses with the New Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport III

The Sport III is, arguably, the gun that S&W should have been making years ago. It gives shooters more of what they want, but there are still some significant shortcomings with the Sport III, as you might expect of many ARs in this price category.

3 - The Best Remington 870 Upgrades

The Best Remington 870 Upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades for the 870 out there, but these are my favorites. I think they give the old warhorse a welcome facelift. 

The Walther P99 – Final Edition

The Walther P99 remains a fantastic gun. It never got the recognition it deserved in the States, but it’s getting a worthwhile sendoff with the Final Edition package.

10 Shots in Under 10 Seconds – Bolt Action Strasser RS 700 [Video]

Discover the STRASSER RS 700: Rapid-fire, straight-pull action meets precision engineering for unmatched shooting speed

Savage Arms UltraLite 7mm PRC, A Rifle Ready for the Mountains – Full Review

The UltraLite 7mm PRC takes advantage of the lightweight design and high-performance round resulting in a fantastic rifle for hunting the mountains or plains.

profile of the entire rifle of the gun's left side with the barrel pointing to the left. The rifle has a wood stock, black hardware, and scope.

Springfield’s 2020 Rimfire Rifles

Every shooter deserves a great bolt-action .22. I have several classic 1960s bolt actions in my safe and they are shot than all my other rifles combined. That’s why Springfield’s new 2020 Rimfire rifles are intriguing.

This compact 9mm boasts premium features at an entry-level price. Beretta APX A!

Beretta’s New 9mm, The APX A1 Comp Tac

The APX A1 Compact Tactical is Beretta’s newest addition to their line of APX pistols. This compact 9mm boasts premium features at an entry-level price. Let’s find out if this pistol lives up to its expectations.

A handgun rests on a tan backdrop.

Unique Take on High Capacity Personal Protection: Kimber KDS9C Reviewed

The Kimber KDS9C is a 2011-esque carry gun that was brought to the market last year. I can only assume that KDS9C stands for “Kimber double stack 9 compact”, which properly describes exactly what it is.

[VIDEO] SIG MCX Regulator – Is It Competitive In a Two Gun Match?

Discover the performance of the SIG MCX Regulator in a tactical two-gun match. See how this rifle holds its own against customized rifles out

Retro Rifle Builds

No matter what the latest high-end AR-15 rifle is or how built up an influencer’s Recce setup is, retro rifle builds are just cool.

New Rost Martin RM1C – First Look, First Shots and First Impressions

Introducing the Rost Martin RM1C: a compact and reliable 9mm pistol with a striker-fired design. Learn more about this American-made firearm.

Volquartsen Camo Black Mamba 22LR: Full Pistol Review

Volquartsen Camo Black Mamba 22LR: Full Pistol Review

With features like an accessory rail for weapon lights, a threaded barrel, and an optic-ready slide, the Black Mamba emerges as a versatile powerhouse, prepared for everything from competitive shooting to casual plinking.

2 - The World’s First Bullpup Pistol-to-Rifle Conversion Kit: Meta Tactical’s APEX-Series (Full Review)

The World’s First Bullpup Pistol-to-Rifle Kit: Meta Tactical’s APEX-Series

The APEX-Series won’t be for everyone. But for those looking for a unique, useful—not to mention fun—pistol-caliber carbine, look no further.

Testing the Ruger American Gen II: Full Review

Testing the Ruger American Gen II: Full Review

If you’re on the hunt for a rifle that seamlessly combines performance with affordability, then the Ruger American Gen II deserves your attention.

3 - The Best Modern Combat Proven Firearms

The Best Modern Combat Proven Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles

Arguably, the most important feature of a firearm is to be reliable. We want a firearm that will work as soon as you press the trigger and keep working as you continue to press the trigger.

Kimber’s K6xs – The Best Snub Yet!

Actually, xs stands for extra small, but that doesn’t mean the new wheelgun isn’t special. The Kimber K6xs addresses a void that other major manufacturers seem to have ignored.

The Truth Behind The New Sig MCX Regulator [VIDEO]

Watch the SIG MCX Regulator Video Meet the SIG MCX Regulator: the new kid on the block from SIG SAUER that’s stirring the pot and making waves. It’s built on the tried-and-true MCX platform but brings its own flavor to the table, aiming to shake up what we think of when we hear “ranch [...]

Smith & Wesson Spec Series: Metal M2.0 Pistol Review

Smith & Wesson Spec Series: Metal M2.0 Pistol Review

Recently introduced as part of the Performance Center lineup, the Smith & Wesson’s Spec Series reflects a commitment to modern firearm design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Turkey Hunt – Retay Masai Mara Cerakote Shotgun Review

Retay recently introduced the Masai Mara Cerakote lineup of hunting shotguns. Designed to be durable, these shotguns are engineered to ensure consistent performance in even the harshest environments.

POF-USA 13.75" Dragoon: Full Review

POF-USA 13.75″ Dragoon: Full Review

Featuring an adjustable gas block, ambidextrous lower, match-grade trigger, and suppressor-ready KeyMo muzzle brake, the POF 13.75″ Dragoon provides a ton of capability straight from the factory.

3 - The Beretta Tomcat - Micro-Sized Bite

The Beretta Tomcat – Micro-Sized Bite

The 3032 Tomcat is the second smallest centerfire DA/SA gun currently in production. The only other option is the Beretta 21A in 25 ACP.

What's the difference between double action and single action revolvers? 

The Difference Between Double and Single-Action Revolvers

Think of cowboy six-shooters when you think of single-action triggers.

3 - Ruger Talo GP100: Every Day Carry 357 Magnum

Ruger Talo GP100: Every Day Carry 357 Magnum

Recently Ruger teamed up with Talo Distributors to create an exclusive variant of Ruger GP100 that is a fine example of a modern snubnose.