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The Walther P99 – Final Edition

The Walther P99 remains a fantastic gun. It never got the recognition it deserved in the States, but it’s getting a worthwhile sendoff with the Final Edition package.

10 Shots in Under 10 Seconds – Bolt Action Strasser RS 700 [Video]

Discover the STRASSER RS 700: Rapid-fire, straight-pull action meets precision engineering for unmatched shooting speed

Scalarworks Leap and Kick Mounts

Red Dot or LPVO? – Scalarworks Leap and Kick Mounts

Most people have strong opinions in the red dot vs. LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) debate.  There are valid points on both sides. Enter the Scalarworks optics.

AR Stock Hack: Magpul STR vs. BCM Gunfighter Mod 0

AR Stock Hack: Magpul CTR vs. BCM Gunfighter Mod 0

For any AR stock, the rubber meets the road where your cheek and shoulder contact the stock, providing an interface between your shoulder and your cheek.


An A+ Modular 22 Silencer – Rugged Mustang22

While they have always been legal through the proper channels, suppressor popularity in the US has only become mainstream within the last decade.

Adam Johnson and his Fight-Ending Sniper Pistol

In the world of tactical shooting, you pick the right tool for the right target. There is some overlap, to be sure, but you wouldn’t choose a Walther P22 if you were trying to ring steel a kilometer distant.

WATCH: Attacker On NYC Subway Gets Shot With His Own Gun

A shooting from last month where a man was seriously shot on a New York City subway is being deemed a self-defense case by attorneys. 

Savage Arms UltraLite 7mm PRC, A Rifle Ready for the Mountains – Full Review

The UltraLite 7mm PRC takes advantage of the lightweight design and high-performance round resulting in a fantastic rifle for hunting the mountains or plains.

Dive into Weatherby’s New SORIX Shotgun [Video]

Weatherby launched the SORIX, stirring the hunting and shooting communities. This shotgun promises to redefine what hunters and shooters expect from their firearms.

Bear Baiting Guide: Secrets for Success [Video]

Unlock Spring bear hunting success with Zach Owens’ expert baiting tips and ethical hunting strategies in this excellent video