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2 - A Tale of Two Customer Services

Clay’s Tale of Two Customer Services

Two different firearms that didn’t work required that I deal with Customer Service as a regular guy. This is how it worked out.

2 - Hera – German for AR-15?


Discover the innovative and high-quality designs of Hera Arms, a German manufacturer leading the charge in modern AR-15 features.

5 Reasons to Carry the FN 509 Compact MRD

5 Reasons to Carry the FN 509 Compact MRD

In the highly competitive compact handgun market, it is rare to see a real contender to the crown. But the 509 Compact MRD is just that.

2 - CrossFire DG3 55L Pack (has video)

Clay’s Take on the CrossFire DG3 55L Pack

This ruck sack came to me highly recommended by a still serving Special Forces brother, and in his words “it’s perfect, and you have to get one.” This is a pretty high bar, considering the amount of time any one of us has spent thinking about and using ruck sacks.

2 - Accessories for your P365/XL

Accessories for your P365/XL

Welcome to a long-overdue review. The P365 family of weapons has been a hot item since its release 3 years ago. We have seen a lot of variants such as the P365 SAS, P365X, and most recently, the P365 Fire Control Unit. The Fire Control Unit, or FCU, is a Sig unique way of making a gun infinitely customizable.

2 - Lights and Lasers for CCW?

Lights and Lasers for CCW?

A good way to start a fight amongst your friends is to bring up the subject of lights and lasers for concealed carry guns. Opinions run strong on this one, and they are all over the map. Some will tell you lasers build bad habits, and you should never have one. Some will tell you lights get in the way on a CCW piece, and you shouldn’t use one anyway. And some will just tell you that if John Moses Browning intended you to have a laser and light, he would have built one back in 1910.

2 - HAWG Pro 20 – Urban camouflage?

Stealth and Hydration: The Unexpected Versatility of CamelBak’s HAWG Pro 20

The H.A.W.G Pro 20 was purpose-built as a bicycle pack, to keep bike types hydrated on the trail. But does it sound like it belongs on the GunsAmerica Digest tactical column? No. Which is the point.

2 - Grey Ghost Slimline Medical Pouch

Grey Ghost Slimline Medical Pouch

You shouldn’t carry medical gear. YOU HAVE TO carry medical gear. And our buddies over at Grey Ghost Gear just made that a little easier on us.

2 - Snap Safe Two-Gun Keypad Vault (With Video)

SnapSafe Two-Gun Keypad Vault

Years ago, one of my teammates lost a child to an improperly stored gun. I have never forgotten that, and cannot imagine a worse scenario as a parent. So especially as my kids have gotten older, I have been looking for a solution.

2 - Athlon Optics Red Dots

Athlon Optics Red Dots

Athlon Optics is a brand that should be on your radar, in the hyper competitive world of optics. Over the next few months, we have some magnified scopes coming in as well. But for now, on the red dot front? This is a value that is very hard to beat.