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Robert Johnson and his Indestructible Thunderbolt

American flyers came home after a certain number of missions to either sell war bonds or pass on their hard-earned secrets to the next generation. By contrast, the German experten (fighter pilots) typically flew until they died.

The Baralong Incident: Decidedly Ungentlemanly Warfare

Our finest strategists earn advanced degrees in the prosecution of modern war, and our military-industrial complex drives technical innovation on an unrivaled scale. And yet at its heart, the true mission of the military is to simply rip the very life out of other human beings who would, in general, really sooner not be there.

3-Will-LT Stephen Peck: Nature versus Nurture

Dr Dabbs – LT Stephen Peck: Nature versus Nurture

Despite starring in several violent movies, Gregory Peck was a rabid gun control advocate. He championed an international moratorium on nuclear weapons as well. These lofty ideals are laudable on the surface, I suppose, but utterly unenforceable.

Alton W. Knappenberger: So, A Bunch of Germans Walk Into a BAR…

Think back to the last time you were alone and frightened. We live in such a remarkably insulated society that many modern Americans have never felt the uniquely synergistic fear that comes from both isolation and peril.

Adam Johnson and his Fight-Ending Sniper Pistol

In the world of tactical shooting, you pick the right tool for the right target. There is some overlap, to be sure, but you wouldn’t choose a Walther P22 if you were trying to ring steel a kilometer distant.

3-Will- Chalino Sánchez: Dead Man Singing

Dr. Dabbs – Chalino Sánchez: Dead Man Singing

From the very beginning, Chalino felt compelled to sing. However, throughout it all, his siblings would later claim that Chalino also had a deep-seated penchant for violence

Charles Bronson: Will Fight for Food

Back in the 1930’s hunger was a real thing. In a land without jobs, those who could find work did fairly well. Those who could not simply withered.

Dr. Dabbs – Why Ukraine Matters

I was born in 1966. I have lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Russians ever since I first drew my breath. Like-minded buddies and I used to design subterranean fallout shelters in the margins of our notebooks in High School.

3 - Will - Sterling Hayden: Sailor, Actor, Viking, Spy

Sterling Hayden: Sailor, Actor, Viking, Spy

After the war, like so many millions of American veterans, Sterling Hayden came home. His wartime service overseas left him with a deep love and appreciation for his country. During one press conference, he said, “I feel a real obligation to make this a better country – and I believe the movies are the place to do it.”

3-Will-The SilencerCo Velos LBP Sound Suppressor: Stop Passing Gas

The SilencerCo Velos LBP Sound Suppressor: Stop Passing Gas

For those of us who tend to run our favorite black rifles from a fixed firing point on the range, this new gear from SilencerCo offers cutting-edge performance and helps keep you healthy to boot.