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Biden Signs Bipartisan 'Safer Communities Act' with Help from These 15 GOP Senators

How Federal Agencies Enlisted Financial Giants to Spy on Americans

The goal? To snoop on Americans’ private financial dealings without the usual legal red tape.

eForms are being processed at an improved rate.

eForms Just Got A Whole Lot Faster!

Transfer times for eForm applications continue to fall!

SAF Rebuts AG Ferguson’s Falsehoods About Courts and Mag Bans

“We’re not sure why the media allows Ferguson to get away with such statements without some fact-checking,” Gottlieb questioned.

A chocolate chip holster from Safariland.

Safariland Launches Limited Edition Chocolate Chip Camo 6000 Series Holsters

The Chocolate Chip camo pattern, also known as the six-color desert camouflage, was initially developed by the United States in 1971.

A doctor with a gun ban sign.

How They Will Use Your Doctor to Disarm You

In a striking development within the medical community, the personal matter of gun ownership is creeping into patient questionnaires.

Real Avid's Armorer’s Master Hammer and its companion, the Accu-Punch 11-Piece Pin Punch Set.

Real Avid Unveils Armorer’s Master Hammer and Pin Punch Set

Reimagining the essential hammer, Real Avid launches the Armorer’s Master Hammer, a symbol of improved craftsmanship.

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Deregulate Certain NFA Firearms, Stop Pistol Brace Registration 

NRA Triumphs in Texas Court over Pistol Brace Rule

A Texas court blocked the enforcement of the controversial “pistol brace rule” against NRA members, marking a big win for 2A advocates.

Colorado lawmakers pushing gun control.

Colorado: Extreme Gun Control on the Move!

A contentious bill, HB24-1349, aims to impose a 9% tax on firearms and ammunition sales. It recently moved out of committee, despite existing federal and state taxes on these items.

The Grizzly handgun from Bear Creek Arsenal.

Bear Creek Arsenal Unveils the Grizzly

The company has integrated features aimed at enhancing ergonomics and performance without significantly impacting the price.

SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons Program.

The Objective by SIG SAUER: The Official Go-To Resource on Military Small Arms

SIG SAUER is proud to officially launch The Objective; the go-to industry resource for cutting-edge innovation in the world of military small arms technology.