Hi-Point Introduces Limited Edition Carbines for July 4 Celebration

Mansfield, OH: Hi-Point® Firearms, an America-based manufacturer of reliable and affordable pistols and carbine rifles for defense, sporting, and hunting applications, is putting a new twist on the company’s popular 9mm and .45 ACP carbines just in time for America’s birthday.

For a limited time, consumers can purchase the Hi-Point 995 and 4595 Special Edition model carbines featuring a hydro-dipped Grand Union Flag in recognition of our country’s declaration of freedom 245 years ago. Further, all active or veteran U.S. military personnel as well as first responders can receive a free magazine and Hi-Point “swag” upon submission of qualifying identification to MKS Supply following the purchase (fulfillment instructions included).

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Made exclusively in America, the Hi-Point 995FLG 9mm and the 4595FLG .45 ACP carbines offer cartridge compatibility with handguns featuring these common calibers, making the rifles ideally suited for home defense and range use. Both models come with an all-weather polymer skeletonized stock and internal recoil buffer, fully adjustable sights, Picatinny rails for optics or accessory mounting, thumb magazine release, manual safety, and include a sling and sling swivels.

Dealers may purchase these limited-edition Grand Union Flag carbines through their preferred distributor. Distributors with Hi-Point Grand Union Flag 9mm and .45 ACP carbines currently in stock include Lipseys, Bill Hicks, Sports South, Big Rock Sports and Orion Wholesale.

For more information on Hi-Point firearms and accessories, visit hi-pointfirearms.com.

About Hi-Point Firearms

With its manufacturing facility located in Mansfield, OH, Hi-Point Firearms prides itself on building reliable, high quality, and affordable firearms in the heart of America. All Hi-Point firearms are backed by the Real Lifetime Warranty, which means Hi-Point offers repairs for the life of the gun regardless of ownership lineage. For more information on Hi-Point products and service, visit hi-pointfirearms.com. Hi-Point Firearms are distributed exclusively through MKS Supply.

About MKS Supply

Based in Dayton, OH, MKS Supply, LLC has over three decades of experience in firearm marketing and merchandising, with a proven nationwide distributor network. MKS Supply is the sales and marketing branch of Hi-Point, Barnaul ammunition and Inland Manufacturing.

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  • noncompliant June 25, 2021, 7:21 am

    A lot of gun snobs bash Hi-Point products. My wife’s 995 Muddy Girl has been affordable, reliable and a blast to shoot. Is it the sleekest, high speed, low drag Tacticrap 3000? No. It is what it is at a price point that makes it easy to own. If you get an opportunity to shoot one, I’m sure you’ll like it. Just my $.02…

  • Tyler June 25, 2021, 5:00 am

    My wife has signed a blood pact that If I am ever shot and killed and the shooter used a hi point, then she is to tell everyone I was beaten to death in the bathroom of a gay bar.

    Seriously, I had my credit card in hand waiting on the YEET CANNON! C’mon, hi point. You guys where set to make millions over that social media frenzy and you pulled an HK and shit on your consumers. No hi point for me until you deliver, and I ain’t falling for that “Gen 1 YC9” crap either.

  • Blue Dog (he/him) June 24, 2021, 12:47 pm

    It looks like fun but ugly as can be. It needs a cup holder on the side to hold your can of light beer so you can shoot it two-handed.

  • ro June 24, 2021, 11:26 am

    does it take Glock mags yet….no….not interested…..

    (get with it HiPoint…you couldn’t make enough of them, fast enough if they took Glock mags) IMHO

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