Magpul and ZEV Tech Announce Folding Defensive Pistol

The FDP-9 is a welcome throwback with deep Magpul roots. (Photo: Magpul)

Magpul wants to make dreams come true. Partnering with ZEV Technologies, Magpul is putting the original Folding Machine Gun, or FMG-9 into production, in a new form as the Folding Defensive Pistol and Folding Defensive Carbine.

Originally showcased in 2008, to say that the wait was long is an understatement. Still, while the original FMG was more of a proof-of-concept, the upcoming Folding Defensive Pistol and Carbine, the FDP and FDC, are shaping up to be very real firearms chambered for 9mm Luger.

Obviously the novelty element here is huge, but so is the real-world potential. For up close personal security, these could provide professional and private users alike a lot of portable protection.

As a large-format pistol, the FDP-9 will not be regulated by the NFA, although it can be converted to a short-barreled rifle after jumping through the required hoops. There is a chance that Magpul and ZEV will offer it as a complete short-barreled FDC-9 carbine, but that decision is still up in the air.

This has been a total dream gun for over a decade. (Photo: Magpul)

Partially based on the ZEV Tech OZ9 modular Glock-compatible pistol, the FDP-9 folds up into a tidy package. With the push of a button the assembly springs open, deploying a full-size pistol grip with an extended Magpul PMAG 27 GL9 magazine, ready to go.

Other features include a rigid carry handle that incorporates the sights and a dual-rail extension at the front for a light or laser sight. Other details like dimensions and weight remain to be seen, but they’re also subject to change between now and the full release.

While the design is based on the OZ9, it’s not a drop-in conversion kit, so Magpul and ZEV won’t be offering FDP kits for existing OZ9 owners. They will only offer it as a complete firearm … starting in 2022.

Yes, that’s a wait, but for everyone who has dreamed of shooting a folding Magpul pistol or carbine, what’s another year? Plus it will give would-be buyers time to start saving money.

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While Magpul and ZEV haven’t announced any pricing information yet, and probably won’t until at least the third quarter of 2021, it’s safe to say that the demand for these will be off the charts. Prices will be high even if the base price for these turns out to be relatively affordable.

The original FMG-9 was a real head-turner, and even if it never went into production, it lived on in fiction, especially video games. Getting a chance to see them for real and at the range will be amazing.

This is all part of a series of 2021 announcements from Magpul. For more information visit Magpul and ZEV Technologies online.

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About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. His ambition is to follow Thomas Paine, as a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Dennis Brislawn January 25, 2021, 11:36 pm

    Looks almost like the radio/folding gun created during the Man from U,N.C.L.E. tv show days. Now I am dating myself. I had the toy version.

  • Robert Hausenbuiller January 24, 2021, 11:06 am

    #1 “OK buddy, give me your wallet, watch, and ring, or I’ll pop a cap in your brain.”

    #2 “Hold on, please Mr. bad dude, I have to unfold this here gun”

    #1 “OK, sure”

  • Big Bob January 22, 2021, 6:45 pm

    “This has been a total dream gun for over a decade”. More like a bad dream. Come on, Magpul. This is just dumb. What a disappointing fail.

  • Charles Hutson January 22, 2021, 3:16 pm

    So it’s cute and useless, Was that the point? Am I supposed to ditch my P356 for this, I think NOT.

  • Mike M January 22, 2021, 1:29 pm

    MANY years back at a Shot Show, Kel-Tec was showing a rectangular case that fit into the rep’s back jeans pocket. It would unfold into a similar 9mm pistol but was a much smaller unit. It has never been produced and the rep stated they had no plans to do so – but one can wonder if the basic design was shared.

  • Todd January 22, 2021, 12:02 pm

    21st century alert!!!!!!

    You do know that the age of the cam-corder is past…. right?


  • dit January 22, 2021, 10:45 am

    When I was a boy, the TV show “The man from U.N.C.L.E” was popular and this design is a copy of a toy radio that with a flip of a lever, swung out a stock, extended a barrel and revealed the pistol grip inside. I wonder if the designer watched the same show.

  • Chief January 22, 2021, 10:16 am

    Haha. So incredibly stupid…

  • Yep yep January 22, 2021, 3:32 am

    Robo-cop!!!! They finally made it

    • LHG January 22, 2021, 7:12 pm

      The man that built the Robo-Cop radio gun was Tim Bixler. He passed away last year. Got to shoot one of those guns, he made 4 or 5 I believe.

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