NC Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto to End Jim Crow Era Pistol Permit Requirement


Raleigh, NC — Today, Gun Owners of America celebrates the repeal of North Carolina’s racist, century-old Pistol Purchase Permit requirements, which was passed via a veto override in the General Assembly. This legislation also closes the “church carry” loophole, which eliminates the prohibition of firearms in churches with private schools.  

The General Assembly first passed the repeal in a bipartisan fashion on March 15th, and despite a subsequent veto by anti-gun Governor Roy Cooper, the margins were too strong in the legislature to sustain the veto. 

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Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement: 

“This has been a long fight in North Carolina, and GOA is so proud to see our efforts finally pay off. Our organization is dedicated to both preserving and restoring Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and the repeal of these laws cuts red tape, empowers members of the faith to defend themselves, and ends a discriminatory blot from the state’s history.” 

Jordan Stein, GOA’s Southeast Region Director, added: 

“We are so proud to have played a part in this tremendous victory. Just like we predicted, the legislature was fully prepared to override an anti-gun veto from Governor Cooper. With this repeal, citizens of our state will no longer have to seek permission from local law enforcement in advance of purchasing a handgun to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and just as importantly, houses of worship will no longer remain soft targets just because they operate a school on their premises. We also cannot thank the numerous dedicated lawmakers who we have worked with for years now on this repeal, whose commitment to restoring the rights of their citizens has finally prevailed.” 

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  • LJ March 31, 2023, 9:00 am

    As a former FFL holder, this ‘purchasing permit’ law should have been over turned years ago when the electronic background check system was implemented. One of the problems was you could get three permits at the same time and they were good for 5 years. Someone could get these permits, later commit a felony, and still have purchasing permits.

    The sheriff of Mecklenburg county used this permit system as a delay tactic to stop people from exercising their 2nd amendment rights by holding the paperwork for up to a year, claiming there was a large backlog of paper work in his office and also through the VA, creating a backlog with those people too. He uses the same stall tactics for CCL renews. It took 15 mouths to get my renewal, so my CCL was expired for a year. He’s been sued twice in the last year due to these ‘demoncrat’ stall tactics.

  • Darth Kur March 31, 2023, 7:08 am

    It’s about time that redundant and unjust nonsense was done away with. Now if we could just get rid of Cooper as well, with his pathetic posturing and virtue signaling we’d be far better off.

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