SIG Sauer Reaches for Gold with New P320, P365 Barrels

SIG owners will be able to put together some flashy designs now that the company offers gold barrels to match their other gold components. (Photo: SIG)

SIG Sauer just announced a new line of gold barrels with a titanium nitride finish for their extremely popular P320 and P365 pistols. This follows on the heels of their custom gold fire control groups, or FCUs, as well as a series of stylized slides for their handguns.

These barrels will let shooter match their gold FCUs with their gold triggers with their barrels for a multi-tone look without having to custom-finish any parts. In addition to looking stylish, the titanium nitride adds a layer of corrosion resistance and lubricity.

The P320 barrels are offered in 4.7 inches for full-size pistols, 3.9 inches for compact and X-Carry pistols, and 3.6 inches for sub-compact and X-Compact pistols. The P365 barrels are also offered for both standard and XL patterns in 3.1- and 3.7-inch long configurations.

All are priced in-line with other SIG barrels at $199, about $50 extra for the special finish. For now, they’re all standard barrels with flush crowns, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if SIG has plans to release extended, threaded versions with gold titanium nitride finishes for some or all of these handguns.

The barrels are designed to drop in freely and fit tightly but do not require any gunsmith work or fitting.

SIG is launching with P320 barrels as well as with P365 barrels. (Photo: SIG)

SIG has been busy expanding their Custom Works with their P320 and P365 Studios, which let shoppers select each component and virtually assemble their own custom pistol. Recently SIG also launched the Custom Works Concierge Service to build and buy their own custom guns right from the factory. The Concierge Service even offers custom engraving.

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This, along with an explosion of factory and aftermarket parts including slides and grip modules from SIG and other companies, have made both the P320 and P365 even more popular than ever before.

Designed to be modular from the ground up, both the P320 and P365 are very easy to customize. Changing parts on these pistols is as easy as field-stripping them for cleaning and most changes can be done in no time.

For more about SIG’s Custom Works and original factory parts and accessories, head over to SIG Sauer today.

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