SIG Sauer Romeo 9T Red Dot Debut — SHOT Show 2023

SIG Sauer’s Romeo 9T red dot.

Improving upon the world of red dot optics, SIG Sauer just debuted their all-new Romeo 9T optic at SHOT Show 2023. While looking to be quite robust, the feature I find the most unique with this optic is the ability to mechanically set two different zeros.

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This optic also features a sort of failsafe internal battery to keep the optic running for a short period even after the battery has died. It is day and night vision compatible, and SIG found a way to eliminate all downrange signatures of the optic itself when looking directly through the glass at the shooter to help keep users undetected.

Battery compartment and the left-right adjustment for the red reticle.

Unique for the Romeo 9T is the ability to have two mechanically set zeros with two different reticles ideal for subsonic and supersonic ammunition.

With the push of a button, users can swap between a single green dot and a red circle with a center dot for their corresponding ammunition. These zeros can be changed independently of each other, and the ability to switch reticles with a push of a button is a big advantage.

One zero uses a red reticle with a 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA ring.
The second reticle uses a green 2 MOA single dot.

SIG Sauer managed to fit two emitters and 4 adjustments inside of the housing, which beefs it up and almost makes it look like a holographic sight many are familiar with.

However, this is not the case. The Romeo 9T is a red dot, and it features a proprietary lens design that prevents energy from emitting out the front of the glass to give the user a “zero downrange signature.”

There will still be the ever so slight glow of the red dot shining on the user’s face that could still be observed, but when looking through the optic from the front, I could not see any signature whatsoever. This is a big upgrade from nearly all other red dots on the market.

Three of the four zeroing turrets and the button used to switch between reticles.
The lens for the Romeo 9T is slanted backward at about a 45-degree angle

There are day and NV brightness settings and the buttons are easy to use. The housing is made from 7075 aluminum, and all hardware is titanium. It is powered by a single CR123A battery.

Recessed brightness buttons.

While SIG is anticipating availability in Q3 of this year with an unspecified MSRP, this is going to be an optic to keep your eye on.

The SIG Sauer Romeo M17 Red Dot – Redefining Optics Performance — SHOT Show 2023

We should have a full review posted here at GunsAmerica. In the meantime, the Romeo 9T looks to be quite durable and user-friendly. It incorporates some new innovative features that can provide end users even more capability out of a red dot sight.

Currently, SIG hasn’t posted any information about this optic on its website, but you can keep up to date with them HERE.

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