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True holding out a FightLite Herring lever-action AR rifle.

A Modular Lever-Action AR from FightLite — NRA 2024

If you follow GunsAmerica, you know that FightLite puts out a lotta cool stuff! Well, this year at the 2024 NRAAM, they delivered once again.

Retro Rifle Builds

No matter what the latest high-end AR-15 rifle is or how built up an influencer’s Recce setup is, retro rifle builds are just cool.

2 - Hera – German for AR-15?


Discover the innovative and high-quality designs of Hera Arms, a German manufacturer leading the charge in modern AR-15 features.

Auto Draft

Remote Controlled Gun Turrets?! Meet the MORPOWER UG-02

Although reminiscent of futuristic action movies, remote-controlled guns such as the MORPOWER UG-02, are a tangible reality.

Franklin Armory Osprey

The OPS 16R: A Self-Regulating Piston Rifle From Franklin Armory — SHOT Show 2024

Meet the OPS 16R, a complete rifle featuring Franklin Armory’s Osprey Defense low-profile gas piston system.

POF Sticks It To the Man with Their 13.75″ Series — SHOT Show 2024

POF’s new 13.75″ Series ARs are maximized to toe the line. The ATF requires that guns with stocks must have barrels at least 16″ long. Typically, you get a barrel that is 16″, then it’s threaded and muzzle devices are added on top of that.

Closeup view of the Warp-15's upper and lower receivers. The gun is pointed to the right.

An All-Polymer AR-15 from Wraithworks — SHOT Show 2024

We’ve been shooting pistols with polymer frames for decades, but AR-15s with polymer lowers, for no apparent reason, remain suspect as low-quality.

3 - AR-15 Evolution: 51Fifty’s Evolve-15 Rifle

AR-15 Evolution: 51Fifty’s Evolve-15 Rifle

51Fifty’s Apex Series Evolve-15 is the only AR-15 system of its kind – no other like it on Earth. Read how the innovative features are differ

The Best AR-15 Lights - Brighten Up

The Best AR-15 Lights – Brighten Up

The adaptive, modular rifle handguard is responsible for a great many jobs and small businesses in the United States. Who knew attaching a rail to a rifle could launch a number of industries?

Springfield SAINT Victor with LAW Tactical Folder Reviewed! 

Springfield SAINT Victor with LAW Tactical Folder Reviewed! 

The SAINT Victor handles well, and I had no trouble maneuvering around and shooting through a VTAC board.