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Smith & Wesson Model 1854 Review: A Modern Take on an American Classic

Featuring a threaded barrel, M-LOK slots, and a Picatinny rail, the Model 1854 is meticulously engineered to provide both enthusiasts and collectors with an authentic shooting experience rooted in history.

Small Caliber, Big Upsides: Force 22 TB Rimfire Pistol  

I made my ten-shot groups from a rest at 12 yards at my outdoor range. Perfect day, sunny and 63 degrees. The Force 22’s iron sights popped nicely.

Chrono Shootout!  Which One Is The Best and Why You Need One

Most manufacturers will print that velocity on the box with rifle ammo or have it available on their website.  Most pistol ammo manufacturers also post the velocity of a given round.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

As a dad, I can appreciate a great Father’s Day gift, and this guide is intended to give your loved ones an easy list to consider.

Vito Bertoldo: The Lunatic Cook Who Stopped an Army 

What is the secret sauce that makes a great soldier? Movies have spoiled us. We think it is Steve Rogers from Captain America. Our imaginary ideal has a chiseled physique, a square jaw, and a way with the ladies.

Is Bigger Always Better?! Meet the New Vortex Defender-XL!

Engineered for speed, the Defender-XL excels in competitive pistol shooting, but its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for rifles and shotguns.

Colt Python with 8-Inch Barrel: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?

Is the Colt Python practical or just compensating for something else? Learn more about this eye-catching revolver and join the conversation.

Exploring the Best of NRA 2024: Top Firearms and Gear

Discover the latest and most innovative firearms showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From retro-inspired designs to high-tech accessories, there’s

GunsAmerica’s Best Budget Picks from NRAAM 2024

Discover the best budget guns showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From affordable shotguns to versatile rifles, find great

Streamlight TLR-6 HL on S&W Shield

Streamlight TLR-6 HL: Little Light, Big Impact

With few companies making lights with sub-compact pistols in mind, the TLR-6 HL delivers performance in an underrepresented class.