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A compact FoxTrot on a AR.

SIG’s First-Ever Rifle Light: FOXTROT-MSR

SIG SAUER Electro-Optics has launched the FOXTROT-MSR, the newest addition to their FOXTROT line of tactical lights.

Exploring the Best of NRA 2024: Top Firearms and Gear

Discover the latest and most innovative firearms showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From retro-inspired designs to high-tech accessories, there’s

GunsAmerica’s Best Budget Picks from NRAAM 2024

Discover the best budget guns showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From affordable shotguns to versatile rifles, find great

True holding out Escort's new Bullpup shotgun.

Escort’s BTS Bullpup: The Russian Drone Killer! — NRA 2024

This compact, versatile firearm is rumored to be used by Ukrainian troops to shoot down Russian drones, earning it the nickname “Russian Drone Killer.”

Man pointing .44 mag revolver at himself.

Don’t Try This At Home! Warbird Body Armor Put to the Test — NRA 2024

Matt emphasizes the right of law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to protect themselves and their families.

Navy SEAL shooting out a truck.

Navy SEAL Reveals How To Escape A Front Vehicle Ambush

In the video above, Navy SEAL Mike O’Dowd and Army Ranger Angel Cortes from Defense Strategies Group will teach you how to escape a front vehicle ambush.

Ultimate Review of SecureIt’s Fast Box Model 47 Vertical Bundle and Model 20 Handgun Safe [Video]

Secure your firearms with the Fast Box™ Model 47 Vertical Bundle and Model 20 Handgun Safe. Trusted by Donald Trump’s security

Understanding Safariland’s Holster Retention [Video]

Watch the video to learn about the different levels of retention in Safarilands Retention holsters that are saving lives everday.

“How fast? How far? Can you EDC an FN SCAR?” – Dr. Seuss

It’s a volatile world and extra firepower might be important. Using a discreet backpack it’s possible to carry something like the FN SCAR 15p

[VIDEO] SIG MCX Regulator – Is It Competitive In a Two Gun Match?

Discover the performance of the SIG MCX Regulator in a tactical two-gun match. See how this rifle holds its own against customized rifles out