Take New York’s Common Sense Gun-Control Quiz

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Take New York’s Common Sense Gun-Control Quiz

Kudos to Rod Watson of “The Buffalo News” for pointing out just how crazy Emperor Cuomo and his minions in the Legislature are when it comes to guns.

Watson drafted, this week, a rather poignant quiz that highlights the harsh realities of gun control that politicians and activists either outright ignore or refuse to address in any meaningful way. 

He calls it the “New York State Common Sense Gun Quiz,” and adds at the end, “Depending on how you did on the quiz, you could be someone who truly has common sense – or you could be a New York State official.” 

Here’s the quiz:

Question 1: You hear the glass break and the intruder making his way up the stairs to the second-floor bedrooms where your spouse and children are still asleep. Your first move is to call 911 because your home is a gun-free zone. The armed invader, hearing you on the phone, most likely will:

a. Wait for the police to show up, to ensure that it’s a fair fight.

b. Hand you his spare gun and wait for you to draw first.

c. Kill you and your family because you are your own first defender, and you’ve chosen to be defenseless.

Question 2: No civilian needs an “assault rifle” because it is a “weapon of war.” When the above-mentioned criminal breaks in, his intent regarding your family is to declare:

a. A sit-in.

b. An intervention.

c. War.

Question 3: Deer-crossing signs are effective because bucks and does read them and know where to safely cross the highway. Similarly, gun-free school zone signs are effective – or not – because:

a. Law-abiding criminals read them and decide to go elsewhere.

b. Law-abiding criminals read them and leave their guns outside before storming in.

c. Law-breaking criminals read them and salivate over the soft target.

Question 4: You’re a teacher trying to keep your students quiet while hiding in the broom closet. Suddenly the gunman who breached your school’s security measures yanks open the closet door. With your students’ lives on the line, you want to be armed with:

a. Nothing.

b. Arts and crafts scissors and a package of crayons.

c. The biggest gun you can handle.

Question 5: Depending on the final wording, the proposal to ban gun raffles will hurt:

a. Sports and conservation organizations that use the raffles as major fundraisers.

b. Volunteer fire companies that use the raffles to buy new equipment.

c. Hardened criminals, who buy raffle tickets to get their guns.

Question 6: When New York State pistol permit holders get hit by the SAFE Act’s requirement that they recertify every five years whether, in the words of the State Police, “you receive a notification letter or not,” state officials most likely will:

a. Send a reminder anyway, like when it’s time to pay up for a renewed car registration.

b. Send a reminder to make sure you know who’s responsible, like when tax rebate checks go out before Election Day.

c. Do nothing and hope that you forget, so they can label you a “criminal” and confiscate your gun.


Again, great job Mr. Watson!  

Hopefully, this common sense quiz opens some eyes and when Cuomo tries to push more misguided laws this year that only work to restrict the 2A rights of New Yorkers there’s a groundswell of opposition.

But, then again, the problem with common sense is that it’s not so common, especially in a state run by anti-gun Dems.   

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  • Michael C January 10, 2020, 1:41 pm

    First, this is a great test that I’d like to see applied just for giggles.

    Now for my editorial. The “gun control” label makes no sense, similar to the legislation that it represents. When talking about common-sense “whatever”, it should be about how we permit people access to various properties in this country. For example, those convicted of DUI, may lose legal access to vehicles. Does that mean that we can absolutely prevent them from drinking and driving again…no. The same holds true for firearms. We, as a civilized society, cannot legislate-away evil. Those hellbent on breaking the law (any law), will find a way of doing it. What we must do is enforce the current laws that we have and ensure the courts apply them. At least, when the law being broken is one of violence, the Second Amendment is the tool that we can use to protect ourselves. It’s really the only proactive measure that we can take in our own self defense. The police are typically reactive in nature (they call the coroner). So, the only “control” here is our ability to have some control over our right to life and safety.

  • vic January 10, 2020, 11:37 am

    I saw the article in the paper, I was told this man is a democrat . Thank god there are still a few with brains. King Como won’t like it.

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