Leupold Announces its Highest Magnification Variable Scope Ever—SHOT Show 2014

leupold04Leupold  &  Stevens

Leupold has long been associated with quality scopes at reasonable price points. In the words of their founder, Fred Leupold, “the customer is entitled to a square deal.” That remains a guiding principal as Leupold continues to develop and improve their line of scopes. They had an improved Delta Point 2 reflex sight for handguns and shotguns at their show booth, but their biggest news this year was the brand new VX-6 7-42x56mm rifle scope. It is so new, in fact, that the design hasn’t been completely finalized. Here’s what we know: it’s the highest variable power scope they’ve ever made, it has their Extended Twilight lens system for increased light transmission, the MSRP will be in the $2,200 range, and they expect to start shipping scopes in 4-6 weeks. 7-42 is a 6:1 zoom ratio which is very high. So is 42 power. You’ll be shooting prairie dogs in the ear at 1,000 yards, you’ll be counting the freckles on your neighbor’s nose five blocks away  (before you mount it on your rifle of course), you’ll be…well you get the idea. That’s a lot of scope for those whose shooting includes extended ranges. See it for the very first time in the accompanying video.




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  • Dave March 5, 2014, 8:15 pm

    Can anyone help me ID the manufacturer of that Holster?

  • DHConner February 2, 2014, 1:19 am

    You’ll be able to see the mite on the gnat’s butt at 1,000 yards. Question are, is your rifle that accurate, and….can you shoot that well? Now, if I can just find 13,487,921 pop and beer cans @ 5 cents apiece, before I die, I just might get one. Pretty soon they’ll be putting Questar telescopes on the rail. Last I saw, those were 3 1/2″ diameter, and around $3500. more or less. One thing we can all agree on: if it’s Leupy, you KNOW it’s good.

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