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Welcome back to Prepping 101 for 2017. As my regular readers noticed, I took a break for December while we ran the Reader’s Picks digests. To some degree I figured that the Trump euphoria would render prepping for the end of civilization superfluous. But to paraphrase noted silver investing expert David Morgan, it doesn’t matter if you change captains on the Titanic after it hits the iceberg. He can put on more lively music, bring steerage up for a champagne party, but the ship is still going down. I have started and stopped an overview article on the Trojan Horse named Donald Trump, but at this point it is pointless anyway. Get some food put away. This ship is going down.

On to this week’s topic, a very light one, fitting as I write this on the last day of Channuka, the festival of light.

Firestarting. For me, firestarting is always troublesome. Just when I think the thing is going, I choke it off by stuffing too much fuel, and by doing so I snuff it out. On a survival budget of matches and butane lighting sticks, what I can keep in my long term supplies will only last so long. Plus matches get wet. Lighter sticks can get stepped on, so when it comes to being able to light a fire, I like to double, triple, and quintuplaville sure.

In the past I’ve covered ferocium rods and a host of other firestarting options, but all of those things eventually run out. The only thing that doesn’t run out, and works every time, is solar, assuming you have sun, which I’ll get to later.

The product in the video above I covered as part of a comprehensive firestarting article back in August of ’15. That was before I ran video, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go back and show you just how miraculous this thing really is.

My most recent video on firestarting was a small, durable and pocketable solar cigarette lighter I found in China. I would not say get this and don’t get that, or get that and don’t get this.

This product is a full page sized freznel magnifier. If you follow the links above, they are under $2 each these days, and I think that if you were careful with them and don’t leave them in the elements, a 10 pack would last you the rest of your life, using it everyday. Don’t bother with the credit card sized freznels. They don’t work even as good as the disk.

Now, the sun itself, and whether you will have sun when your prepping stuff is going to be needed, that is the real question. As I showed you in the video, clear blue skies are rare all over the planet now. Those planes in the sky that trail white vapor are not what you have been told. The white vapor is not condensation. It is a mixture of aluminum and other metals, and sometimes even contains polymers. The intent of the trails is to spread out as a false cloud cover and reflect the sun back into space. This in theory would slow the warming of the planet, but though the planes are out every day still, worldwide, it isn’t working. This summer saw an almost ice free arctic, and right now the arctic temperatures are 30-50 degrees above normal.

If you are not a regular reader (we currently have about 1,500 new subscribers a day), this may be new to you. I will put in a presentation below from Dane Wigington of that explains something of what is going on. You may have experienced some bone chilling cold where you live of late, but if you notice, it was only for a day or two, or sometimes even only half of a day like here in South Florida, but before and after it the days were unusually warm, and the sun feels so hot you don’t want it on your face. That is because the cold is being temporarily sprayed so that you will continue to deny global warming. It’s like ice packs from the school nurse believe it or not. The harsh reality is that the planet is warming at a crazy rate now, and for some reason the power structure doesn’t feel that the general public needs to know. Nothing is going to stop it now, not Al Gore’s carbon credit scam, not Tesla cars and certainly not nuclear power.

This ship is going down, Trump or no Trump. If you have not stored as much food as you can afford (see my calories per dollar articles/videos), made sure that you have easy water, and provided a means to cook it, including starting fires, you are not going to give yourself a chance when the truth uncaps, and that could happen any day.

That is why I would not count on solar firestarters. At some point, to survive, they are going to attempt to blot out the sun, either with super particulate dispersals or by blowing some volcanoes. Even Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” series showed you that the power structure really is preparing food storage bunkers in the Ozarks and in other places throughout the country. Get going. Don’t worry about people calling you stupid. None of it matters anymore. It is going to uncap, and don’t be surprised if Trump already has a plan on how it will be uncapped. I can only hope and pray that this Channuka we brought enough light to finally end this giant lie and usher in a new era of Moshiach, with ultimate peace and a revealed spiritual reality of our Creator. May it be speedily in our days.

Here is an overview of what is really going on from Dane Wigington of

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