New 2-in-1 Handi-Rackers — SHOT Show 2016


Handi-Rackers can be found at your favorite big-box outfitters.

For 2016 Handi-Racker is presenting a new configuration to the product that literally doubles its value. This year they’re adding double-sided Handi-Rackers that accept a range of pistol slides widths. When was the last time you saw a successful product redesign itself into a 2-for-1? The new models include a Handi-Racker for full-size and compact service pistols and another for small single-stacks and pocket pistols.

Not everyone can confidently rack a slide, and for many people it’s not just bad form or a fear of slide serrations. For ages the de-facto route for these shooters was to get a revolver, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For self-defense, semi-auto pistols are the standard, and with Handi-Rackers a person doesn’t have to be limited to 5 or 6 rounds and face difficult reloads just because they have issues racking a slide.

The New Handi-Rackers


Pistols from micro models to behemoths can all use Handi-Racker.


Both versions have a wide and narrow end.

A couple of years ago, I saw a nifty little gadget that was designed to make racking the slide of a semi-auto pistol easier for folks who have trouble doing so. I was impressed at the simplicity of it and how well it did what it claimed. That review appeared in GunsAmerica in the fall of 2013. Since then, the product has increased in popularity enough that you will find it on the shelf at some of the largest outfitters.

So what exactly is Handi-Racker and why do you need one? Well, it’s a block of synthetic material about the size of a tin of mints or a worn bar of soap. One of the flat sides is channeled to fit a range of pistol slides, with an opening in the center for the front sight. The channel tapers abruptly to permit only the barrel passage, while stopping the slide itself.


Simple and effective, whether racking the slide of a sub-compact or a tight 1911


Now with double the utility, each side fits different sized guns.

You simply place the Handi-Racker over the top of the muzzle, rest it firmly against a solid surface (wall, door frame, table, etc.) and push the handgun forward using the grip frame. This action racks the slide back, allowing the pistol to be loaded or unloaded.

And while I don’t yet feel the need for the assistance in operating the action in normal circumstances, I still carry one in my range bag to this day — and it’s come in handy on several occasions. Why? If you’ve ever had a round jam in the chamber and not extract, and you’ve bruised your hands trying to clear it, then you’ll appreciate just how simple a task it is to use this tool to clear that jam safely.

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  • E Nielsen February 17, 2018, 8:04 pm

    Currently- Is there a Handi Racker available that will work with my Springfield XDS ?

  • American handgunner February 11, 2017, 1:43 pm

    A must have tool for me and all the other handicapped shooters out there! After an accident caused stroke took my L sides use away I still shoot whenever I can . To me being half paralyzed is an obsticle to be overcome!;So tools such as these are beyond helpful to enable shooters to stay in the game. As such 20.00 is nothing in cost to help keep me going!To me shooting is more than a hobby I\’m passionate about. It\’s like breathing I need to do it. It\’s part of me and my life!

  • Flash January 26, 2016, 12:10 am

    Just what I need. Both of my thumbs need surgery, no cartilage left.

  • Brad January 25, 2016, 7:57 pm

    At first I thought you have to be kidding but the I remembered a short time when I had rotator cuff surgery. nuff said.

  • Tom Horn January 25, 2016, 12:51 pm

    Having sold firearms for many years, I can tell you this would be a welcome gadget for elderly with arthritis, weak arm/hand strength, etc. If an elderly customer had trouble with racking the slide, we usually tried to persuade them to purchase a double action revolver. But, often they had problems with the heavy trigger pull of the DA.

    Only problem I see is that a person may try to rack the slide with fingers and hand over the front of the gadget, and thus, in front of the barrel. Could remedy this with a pistol grip on top of the gadget, but then it would be the, “Bulky-Racker.”

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