Stop State Gun Dealer Licensing Scheme in Illinois – Contact Your State Rep Today!

You probably have seen these Springfield Armory ads on GunsAmerica and elsewhere around the web. They are spearheading the campaign after the bill found some surprise success in the Illinois Senate, where it passed by one vote.

Last week a surprising bill passed the Illinois state Senate and it is now headed for the state House of Representatives on Wednesday. If you live in Illinois, or you know someone who lives in Illinois, It is imperative that you contact the relevant state HOUSE REP today, Tuesday.

If you live in Illinois, please consider looking up your State House Rep for phone and email, and making a call and email yourself.

There are two ways.

1. Through the NRA – This form has your address on it, so there is a decent chance that it will make it to the correct mailbox, but you will of course be subject to a host of new emails from NRA about lots of reasons to give them money, and collectible figurines, commemorative coins and whatnot.

2. Do It Yourself (suggested) – State legislators know that they are elected by a tiny fraction of the population who actually show up at the polls. Use this page to look up the contact details on your State HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE (not Senator) and call and email. JUST DO IT! DON’T JUST THINK ABOUT IT! So few are willing to go the extra step. Be one.

Note that this is not national legislation. It is just for state of Illinois, called SB-1657, but it would set a dangerous precedent that would soon be followed by other corrupt anti-gun run states like Massachusetts, New York and California. Don’t forget that Washington State actually passed a law banning private sales of firearms between individuals, and we all just sat back and let it happen because we didn’t believe it would.

The SB-1657 bill would turn gunshops into a state licensed business, similar to a liquor store or yellow cab. You would have to get permission to open a gunshop and the gunshops currently open would be subject to approval of a potentially corrupt panel to even stay open. Especially in Illinois, the mobster capital of the world, it would instantly turn into a political favors game for who is allowed to sell guns. Ultimately it will be a huge hit for the gun rights of the people of Illinois, and it would drive us further down the slippery slope of 2nd Amendment erosion that began with the original Federal gun dealer licensing act of 1968.

Please take the time and hunt down your friends and acquaintances in Illinois. Use your Facebook to get the word out if you have one, and lets get this bill defeated!

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  • John G May 9, 2017, 8:18 pm

    Make it apply only in chicongo. Nobody there obeys the law anyway, so ho harm, no foul.

  • Oldergent May 9, 2017, 12:35 pm

    This is very said indeed. I sent this to my Son who lives in Illinois, and His response to me Was: “Do not send me anymore Paranoid, Political Propaganda nonsense”. People just aren’t buying into the NRA, or their rights or they feel Their Liberties just aren’t worth investing anymore. Why? Because the Corrupt, Politicians, the Corrupt Judges, and Corrupt Law enforcement (or the fact the Corrupt Legal system ties their Hands?) have polluted our countries values and ideals. And he is an Army Veteran (Iraq). It is sickening and sad! Our Country has gone to Hell, and the Libertards have discredited these Values and rights.

    • Paul Helinski May 9, 2017, 3:34 pm

      As long as there is food at the supermarket and gas in the tank the sheep are just going to graze in blind bliss. But that is going to end soon.

  • Commie IL May 8, 2017, 7:23 pm

    Your article is incorrect. The bill passed the IL senate. It is headed for the house. We need to contact our state Reps, not senators.

    • Paul Helinski May 8, 2017, 9:25 pm

      Yes thanks. I caught it on the last pass before sending it out for our email. Brain fart.

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