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  • Concrete Canvas is a nifty invention, and this building really does go up with just an air pump and some water, but north of $25,000, there are better buys for a more sound fallout shelter.Prepping 101: Inflatable Concrete Buildings & Other Fallout Shelter Missives
    Answer:A $25,000 inflatable concrete building. Just add water. Question: What is a Concrete Canvas Shelter?Believe it or not, this is not a joke, and when I encountered this product it reminded me that I have been meaning to discuss the qualifications for a proper nuclear fallout shelter for some time. But I have to admit, of all the survival preparations I’ve written about for this column, this is one of very few I have not actually worked out for myself. That is why I found this product so interesting.
  • The new Benelli 828U over and under shotgun.Benelli 828U--The Future of the Over-Under Shotgun
    Over and under shotguns have been around for quite some time and have changed relatively little over the decades. Cosmetically, the Benelli 828U looks like a slightly more space age take on the classic double, but the under the hood features are what stand out as the unique elements of this shotgun.
  • The exagerated loop on the lever allows for more freedom of movement during fast shots, and the option of wearing gloves during winter.Henry Frontier Carbine Evil Roy Edition
    When I pulled this gun out of its unassuming box, I was predisposed to like it. Lever action rifles are fun--even more so when they're chambered in .22 LR. But then I shot the gun. I don't know what kind of magic Henry is using to produce these guns, but I like it! This may be the best range experience I've had this year.
  • All the beauty and grace of a full-sized P30 - now in a Sub-Kompact fun size!Heckler & Koch P30SK: A Carry Gun You’ll Want to Carry to the Range!
    The H&K P30SK is a dynamic little gun. As the hype builds over the perfect 9mm for concealed carry, H&K's latest entry snuck in this summer with very little fanfare. Yet this is a gun that's easy to shoot, which makes training easy--yet it is still ideal for carry. Check out our review.
  • Coincidence? Hmmmm.......Sig Sauer's SRD762Ti-QD .308 Rifle Silencer
    Is there anything Sig doesn't make? Their guns have a dedicated following among those who appreciate indestructible tools. And their silencers are just as robust. Today we're looking at their 7.62 suppressors. Got a .308 you want to tone down? This might be your can.
  • The XM42.  In your opinion, is it fit for public consumption?The XM42 Flamethrower-What Freedom Looks Like
    I have been trying to get my hands on a flamethrower since 1995, which was the year in which I found out that there are no state or federal laws regulating their purchase. And now I have one. The XM42 is something to see, and even more fun when you're behind the trigger.
  • I was charging my phone very quickly, with no hiccups at all.Prepping 101: Electric Rocket Stove Chargers - Biolite, Power Pot, Devil Watt Thermoelectric Generators
    Thermoelectric generators are not a new technology. “TEG” power was discovered in 1821, but I have to admit, it is new to me. I recently discovered three consumer products that create electricity from direct heat, and all three of them have survival applications. One of them is the best bugout or camp stove I have ever encountered, and I would take it one step further and say that it is the best bugout cooking solution I have ever encountered, period. A second is made for generating electricity while you cook your dinner, and I had marginal success with it. The third is made for a high level of direct heat electricity production, and you can drive it from your rocket stove, a camp stove, and they have models from 10 watts up to 100 watts that use waste heat from your wood stove.
  • Springfield Armory sm  1Monday Gun Day Giveaway: Springfield Armory M1A Super Match
    Monday Gun-Day giveaway time is here again, and this time Springfield Armory is giving away a M1A Super Match. Looking for a new .308 that offers a real mix of nostalgia and long range accuracy? This just might be your lucky day.
  • Even the FMJ "practice" ammo goes through rigorous testing. This machine inserts primers and completes a half-dozen or so inspections in the process.Ammo Test: Sig Sauer’s .45 ACP and 9mm FMJ
    Have we left the latest ammo shortages behind yet? It would seem that way. There are more new brands and varieties available now than there were three years ago. But how do you know what you can trust? We'll do our best to test them. This week it is Sig's new practice ammo.
  • What makes a silencer tick? Read on to find out.How Silencers Work
    Ever wondered how silencers work? We've got the inside scoop. Click here for all the details.
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