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  • The C100 pistol from TriStar offers shooters a CZ-75-style pistol from Turkey that delivers amazing performance at a good price.Reliable EDC on the Cheap: The TriStar C100 9mm Pistol—Full Review.
    There have been multiple efforts by companies to create guns in that same mold as the revered CZ-75, but few have come as close to bringing a solid version to market as TriStar. The best part of this effort is the notably affordable price of their offering here in the US. Say hello to the C100.
  • NAA Sidewinder photo-05-cylinderA 6.7-Ounce CCW Magnum? The Five-Shot Sidewinder—Full Review.
    What do you do when you need a gun but “can’t” carry one? You know, when the bulk and size of a CCW firearm is just not practical for your situation? No solution? Then you clearly have not considered North American Arms and its line of radically downsized revolvers that weigh mere ounces. These things are truly tiny, and the Sidewinder is no exception.
  • dsc00367STI Hex Tactical 2011: A 9mm Triple-Tap Machine—Full Review.
    I have never owned an STI pistol, and until I received the Hex Tactical for this review, I had only shot them a few times, during “hey, try this out” sessions on match days. I was impressed on those occasions and was eager to have this model – a relatively new one from STI, all to myself for testing. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed!
  • The Big Horn Armory Model 89 takes the classic lever-action platform and packs it with .500 S&W Mag. power.A .500 Magnum Lever-Action? The Big Horn Armory Model 89 Brush Buster! Full Review.
    Ever since the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum came on the scene in 2003, there have been a bunch of folks trying to figure out how to cram the cartridge into a rifle—especially a lever-action rifle. It’s an American obsession ever since the cowboy days: A guy “needs” to have a lever-action rifle chambered for his handgun cartridge.
  • thumb_dsc02911_1024Daniel Defense 3-Gun Dominator: The M4V7 Pro 5.56—Full Review.
    I always get excited about testing Daniel Defense rifles. They built the upper for the SOPMOD kits we had back in the day (and still do for all I know), and it was a huge leap forward over the old busted M4s we had prior to that. Black Creek, GA, has always turned out tough, high-quality products, and the M4V7 Pro is no exception.
  • The Desbians AIWB holster allows you to comfortably carry a powerful defensive pistol all day.Clay Continued (CCW Wishlist) - Spartan CQB Tool, Desbians AIWB & More! #Xmas2016
    Well, here we are, knocking on the door of Christmas. I can tell, my Visa card is getting warm. One thing about the gunfighter or aspiring gunfighter in your life, they can be very hard to shop for. It's a lot like having a kid that is into Dungeons & Dragons. If you don’t walk in that world, you probably have no idea what is cool and what is lame. Not to worry ladies and gents, Uncle Clay is here with a rock solid, all-American, never fail, all go, no quit, sure fire, John Wayne approved shopping list. Grab your checkbooks, it’s about to get gangster.
  • The rifle comes equipped out of the box with a 3-9X scope that is mounted and boresighted.A Bolt-Action Remington Rifle & Scope Starting at only $399? Full Review.
    The Remington 783 Scoped rifle and scope package might provide an answer to that dilemma of those looking for a good rifle at a great price. For less than $400, shooters get a quality rifle along with scope rings and a scope—everything they need to get deer season off to a good start. And, it comes with the scope and rings installed and boresighted.
  • creed-14A Walther for under $400? The New 9mm Creed—Full Review.
    My first view of the Creed was a few months ago at the Walther HQ in Fort Smith. I was impressed while looking at the pre-production sample, and was shocked to hear the suggested retail of $399.00! I even asked if they were concerned by the price/value relationship with their other guns. They assured me that they would be fine. So, I had a chance to test it recently and here is how it did.
  • screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-2-03-24-pmRob Leatham Tips & Tactics On Shooting a Handgun with a Red Dot
    We recently had the opportunity to attend an event where we received hands-on training from no less than Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham. Set up as part of a writer’s event for the introduction of the Springfield Saint rifle, we had the chance to have Leatham give us all a quick introduction to the ins and outs of optics-equipped pistols.
  • smithwestin-introSuppressed, Red Dot-Ready Carry Gun? S&W M&P C.O.R.E. 9mm—Full Review.
    I am normally a Glock guy, as anyone that has trained with me over the last seven years knows. But one thing a life in the military will break you of quickly is brand loyalty. You always have to be looking for an advantage, and in a world were equipment failures cost lives, you don’t care at all where that advantage comes from. So when the chance to review the Smith and Wesson M&P C.O.R.E. with threaded barrel came up, I jumped at the chance.
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