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  • sig_p320rx_coverSig's New P320RX Competition & Defense Pistol—Full Review
    Some gun makers are partnering with optics makers to provide an out-of-the-box-ready solution. SIG takes that up one notch by doing the partnering in-house. And at an MSRP of $869, this writer thinks it is a great value. You could say that the RX is just what the doctor ordered!
  • gass-24Jeff Cooper’s Greatest Legacy? The Ultimate Scout Rifle—Full Review
    Jeff Cooper began experimenting with carbines as early as the mid-1960s. His work with these reduced rifles led to his conceptualized solution to the one rifle question—Steyr’s Scout Rifle. What is very often overlooked is the practical application and friendliness of the rifle Cooper was trying to create.
  • vlcsnap-error354#Prepping101 - Bug Out Weapon Legal 50 States - The Pocket Shot - Field Test Review
    In the survival world some products are in a class by themselves. I decided that this would be the case with a new discovery I made last week called "The Pocket Shot." Originally I had intended to cover slingshots and slingshot arrow shooting contraptions, and in my travels I discovered The Pocket Shot, but when it got here I quickly realized that it deserved its own space. The Pocket Shot is really just a thick rubber balloon, held by a plastic ring. But this simple device is not a toy, and a serious weapon. It fires standard slingshot balls, and there is a full arrow kit. As something that you can slip into a bugout bag, where nobody would even suspect that it is a weapon, I don't think that The Pocket Shot has an equal.
  • Text to come.A 16-Round, Revolving Shotgun? The SRM Arms Model 1216—Full Review.
    Shotguns have always suffered one common weakness: Capacity. Although substantial when measured by either weight or diameter, the amount of ammunition that can be loaded into the gun is limited. Right? Wrong. SRM Arms has stepped up to the plate to take a swing at solving the capacity and reloading problems inherent in a 12-gauge shotgun with its 16-shot, semi-automatic Model 1216.
  • The author found the P30L to be a good carry gun, even with the elongated barrel and slide.Heckler & Koch "Longslide" P30L 9mm—Full Review
    There will always be some companies producing sub-$250 handguns. However, for those who want something a bit higher end, there will always be a handgun waiting out there marketed for the discriminating shooter. The HKP30L is one of those types of guns.
  • The Pro-Chucker 7 comes as a full kit, ready to assemble and start reloading.RCBS Pro-Chucker 7: Part 1 – Setup and First Operation
    Whether you are new to reloading, even just considering it for the first time, or an old pro with several wildcat loads named after him – you’ve heard of RCBS.
  • The Masterpiece Arms BA Lite PCR certainly lives up to its name. Shown here with a Burris Veracity 4-20x scope.SMG Company Makes a Precision Rifle? MPA BA Lite PCR—Full Review
    This MasterPiece Arms (MPA) rifle is impressive. When I opened the box of this puppy at my FFL, I floated into a state of rifle euphoria. And, the fact that it is from a company that made its name producing semi-automatic versions of stamped sheet steel SMGs makes it all the more impressive.
  • I decided to use the Snake Eyes on my favorite handgun—a Sig Sauer P226.Dead Ringer’s Snake Eyes Pistol Sights -- Installation and Review
    With the right instruction and practice, these bad boys could be a great addition to any concealed carry or home defense handgun.
  • There are at least three main categories of AR optics, red dot, fixed power scopes, and high-magnification scopes. Which do you choose?Optics Buying Guide: AR-15 Optics and Scopes
    Matching the seemingly infinite number of AR rifles on the market is a multitude of suitable optics. Red dots, holographic sights, fixed-power scopes and variable-power scopes fill the shelves, so how do you choose? Let’s take a look at some factors to consider, then we’ll discuss some pros and cons of some of the common categories of AR-15 optics.
  • vlcsnap-error958Prepping 101: $4 Firestarter Disk From China - Field Test
    This week I'm just sharing a pretty cool find with you guys that I scored on a website called Banggood. It's about the dumbest name for a retail website ever, but they do a good deal of advertising on Facebook and I've ordered from them before. A couple weeks ago this nifty little fire starting disk came up on my ads, and I just assumed I'd order it and it wouldn't work.
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