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  • TrailBlazer's LifeCard .22 LR: A Folding Credit Card-Sized Pistol — Full Review
    Real innovation in the firearms industry is a rarity, and some of what is innovative isn’t necessarily good. So it was with mixed emotions earlier this week I set out to review TrailBlazer's LifeCard 22. Trailblazer Firearms is new to the business, and the LifeCard is their only product thus far. TrailBlazer is an appropriate moniker, this is definitely a different handgun. The company is based in Asheville, North Carolina. That region has been rife with what we shall term “ creative sauce” as long as I can remember.
  • Clay's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: CCW Edition — Smith & Wesson, CrossBreed, Crimson Trace & More!
    As we move into the Holiday Season, let us not forget that you might be forced to give a local hooligan an early present in the form of flying lead and copper. And if your are not the CCW fanatic in your household, you may be wondering what to get them. Outside of a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, obviously, as GunsAmerica’s resident gift expert, I am going to make your life easy. Take notes — there will be a test at the end.
  • The spring mount allows flex and directs splatter towards the ground.Best Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers for Christmas — Range Gear, Targets, Holsters & More!
    Here’s your chance to participate in something truly special. Right now on GunsAmerica you can bid on one of 13 limited edition Desert Eagles to Benefit the Glen “Bub” Doherty Foundation.
  • Hunting Wolves with the Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed
    There is no doubt that Browning has become the first name in American hunting. So when I had a wolf hunt come up last month, they were the first place I turned. The best thing about going to Browning is that you don’t walk away with just a rifle. Your walk away with a magnificent rifle.
  • A 3-inch 6-Shot Magnum: The Ultimate Compact Wheelgun the Kimber K6s
    Kimber has built a brand name that for many gun buyers in America is simply synonymous with top quality firearms. From its long guns to the many variations of 1911s, on down to the subcompact self-defense pistols — choosing a Kimber means taking a look at what is on the top shelf and telling the clerk, “I’d like to try that one, please.”
  • Portable Packable Power: The Kahr S9 Compact 9mm
    Always bring enough gun. That line writes well. It also embodies a great deal of well-reasoned tactical gravitas. If ever you should find yourself in the midst of a Real World balls-to-the-wall gunfight you don’t want to be the guy suffering a terminal case of pistol envy. However, I always thought that whoever first penned that idiom likely didn’t live in the American Deep South.
  • Magnum Research .44 Magnum & .50 AE & A "13 Hours" Desert Eagle
    Why would you spend your hard earned money on a Kahr Arms Desert Eagle in .50 AE or .44 Magnum? Mostly because they're fun as hell to shoot. This week in honor of Veteran's Day coming up, we had the opportunity to shed light on a worthy cause and spend some time on the range with two Magnum Research Desert Eagles.
  • Ready for Any Mission: SIG Sauer MCX Virtus — Full Review
    Here’s your chance to participate in something truly special. Right now on GunsAmerica you can bid on one of 13 limited edition Desert Eagles to Benefit the Glen “Bub” Doherty Foundation.
  • A Sub-$450 Bolt-Action Ringing Steel At 1,800 Yards — Mossberg's Patriot Predator
    I fondly remember picking up my grandfathers old dusty, faded hunting magazines and reading about hunting rifles. Unless you were buying a rifle from Kenny Jarrett, or other custom builders, sub-MOA rifles were nary to be found. Sometime during the late 90's or early 2000, factory rifles started to appear that could produce MOA results with factory ammunition. These days, companies guarantee MOA accuracy and owners seem to fly into a fit of panic if their new rifle fails to group 1.047 inches at 100 yards. I recently got to spend some time behind a Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, and had no problems hitting a 24-inch plate at 1,800 yards. How times have changed.
  • Top Five Glock Enhancements
    There’s nothing like a new Glock, right out of the factory box: reliable, accurate, awesome. In fact, the only thing better — in certain circumstances — is an old Glock with key enhancements.
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