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  • A Bullpup That Does Not Suck? The K&M Arms M17S .308 – Full Review.
    KM Arms has taken the classic Bushmaster M17S design and upgraded it and enhanced it into a totally modern and intriguing offering. Available in both .223- and .308-sized models, the new M17S takes the bullpup design to the next level of performance.
  • Bergara Premier LRP .308 Chassis Rifle: Superior Design, Spotty Performance - Full Review
    In the United States, Bergara isn’t exactly a household name, but the fact of the matter is that this Spanish-based company is a large OEM provider of barrels to some of the best-known brands in the business. Bergara has started to offer a line of rifles that can be found under their Bergara Premier line, and for review we have their LRP rifle chambered in .308 Winchester in hand for testing.
  • New Battenfeld Technologies Gear – SHOT Show 2017
    One company that never disappoints at SHOT Show is Battenfeld. They always bring the toys for shooters and 2017 was no exception. The only issue is what to show you in this limited space. We promise you will hear more about these and other great products this coming year.
  • A Desert Eagle for CCW? Full Hands On Review.
    This week we are reviewing the Baby Desert Eagle III in .45 ACP, a perfect blend of Israeli military design with a good old American man killer in the magazine. The Baby Eagle III is a double action/single action (DA/SA) pistol in .45 ACP (or 9mm) with combat experience in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and a lineage traceable through Israel and directly back to the renowned CZ-75 pistol. But let’s get to the real question. Is this gun that is made and Israel and imported by Magnum Research a cool gun? Why, yes. Yes, it is.
  • Sure Shot Game Calls – SHOT Show 2017
    I am not going to pretend to know anything about duck calls, but I do know this. If a company has been making them since 1959, they probably know what they are doing. Sure Shot gave us a little bit of and education on how this is done, as well as why they are different.
  • Sub-MOA NEMO .300 Win Mag AR & More – SHOT Show 2017
    Fresh from its move from Montana to Idaho, Nemo Arms had some really interesting offerings on display at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company made it name for itself thinking outside the box when it comes to firearm design, developing a .300 Win. Mag. AR-pattern semi-auto rifle. Let's take a look at the newest version of that rifle as well as some the company's other offerings.
  • Meet the Dragon Claw by Cabot Guns – SHOT Show 2017
    Cabot Guns is transforming the science of manufacturing into a form of art with their newest 1911 pistol, the Dragon's Claw.
  • Tactical Solutions TLP-22 Pistol—SHOT Show 2017
    Tactical Solutions has long been known for making top notch rimfire components, so this year they took the next logical step. Coming soon, a fully built Tactical Solutions Pistol, the TLP-22.
  • The New Canadian Ranger Rifle? Tikka T3X Arctic .308—SHOT Show 2017
    Tikka got my attention this year with several new rifles, and one deserving of some praise is the Artic. This gun was purpose-built for the Canadian Rangers, who know a thing or two about being cold. These poor bastards train in some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth, and they needed a no-frills rifle that would stand up to that. Tikka stepped up to the plate.
  • A Pint-Sized 1911? Browning’s Black Label Pro 1911-380—Full Review.
    The Browning Black Label IS a 1911. Replicated in almost every detail, it is a sight to behold. No need to consult the manual on this one. If you have ever been issued a 1911, you already know how to take it apart and make it work. It is absolutely adorable, and if you are a 1911 aficionado, you are going to want one.
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