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  • Husband Lands Head Shot on Robber Assaulting His Wife
    It’s the classic Hollywood scenario: the Villain holds the Woman at gunpoint, and the Hero takes him down with a well-aimed shot in the kisser. That cliché became all too real for a couple in Houston yesterday when two armed men tried to rob and assault the wife at gunpoint.
  • Hudson H9: A Case for Practical Accuracy
    Before I talk about the features of the gun, let me say that this gun and my time behind it has led me to rethink my immediate negative reaction when some gun writer pens the phrase, “Practical Accuracy.” When seen within context of most articles I have always winced, viewing it as a dog whistle indicating poor accuracy. However, my off-the-shelf Hudson H9 that I purchased from a retailer has me re-defining practical accuracy more generously, i.e., being able to hit targets of a size commensurate with the defensive use of a handgun, effectively at practical distances and speed. 
  • Leupold Mark 5HD Review with Tracking Test
    As optics companies strive for ever better and cheaper scopes, a clear winner has emerged. The consumer. We live in the golden age of optics and weapons, as evidenced by this weeks test of the Leupold Mark 5. At a combined cost of under $4000 for optics and rifle, using .60 cent per round ammo, I was able to test a sub half MOA weapons system. Even 15 years ago, you would be lucky to match that at any price outside of a benchrest rig.
  • WATCH: Suspects, Police Exchange Over 60 Rounds in Insane Shootout
    In a scene more reminiscent of Hollywood than real life, Officer William Umana of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department can be seen exchanging over 60 rounds of gunfire with two men suspected of fleeing the scene of a homicide.
  • Springfield’s NEW Saint Pistol in 300 Blackout (Full Review)
    Size matters, but when it comes to combat-ready firearms, smaller is often better. Compact weapons allow for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, which is an especially useful attribute in a home-defense firearm. Now, thanks to a favorable ruling from the ATF, Springfield has introduced two pistol-length versions of their popular Saint AR-15: the .556 and, more recently, a 300 Blackout model.
  • The Origin of the Species: The Model 602 M16
    The origin story is foundational dogma for gun nerds like us. George Sullivan incorporated the ArmaLite Corporation in 1954 as a tiny little subsidiary of the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. Operating out of a modest machine shop in Hollywood, California, Sullivan envisioned ArmaLite as a think tank to explore cutting-edge concepts in small arms. Their first serious effort was a small takedown survival rifle intended for use by downed military aircrew.
  • Glock 19X Accessorized   
    At any rate, I like the 19X so much that I bought the one that came in for review. And this week, I finally got around to the add-ons and mods I prefer. First rattle out of the box, the sights that come as the only option on the 19X are weak sauce.
  • Zvetco Biometric’s S6000 Smart.Safe. Will be There When You Need It Every.Time.
    Biometric safes make me nervous. Using a fingerprint to open my iPhone is one thing. Relying on that technology to save my life is a whole different ball game. Batteries fail, circuits break, and biometric locks have a less-than-stellar track record in the firearms community. But here’s the catch...
  • Bursting the Bubble - Send iT - Long Range Precision Shooting Level
    One of the biggest problems with these bubble levels mounted on the scopes or rifles was that you had to take your eyes off of the reticle to actually refocus on the bubble to see what the level indicated. The Send iT electronic level from Long Range Arms corrects that problem by using lighted LEDs to indicate when the gun is level.
  • Inland Manufacturing 30 M-1 Carbine
    The .30 M-1 Carbine was used by the U.S. Military in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. The carbine was supplied to allied forces and hung around long after Vietnam. I encountered the M-1 carbine in service with the Bolivian UMOPAR counter-drug police in the 1990s. These fun guns remain popular and effective for civilians today.
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