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  • The Guncrafter No. 3 FRAG pistol featured a bull barrel that was fitted directly to the slide. No barrel bushing was employed.An Everyday Carry .50? Guncrafter Industries Custom No. 3 FRAG 1911
    The commander-sized No. 3 FRAG pistol from Guncrafter Industries brings some heavy-duty firepower to an EDC-ready 1911 pistol.
  • the new Iron Frame Henry in .44-40 faithfully recreates the classic 1860 original, but in a more practical chambering than the original .44 Henry.Cowboy Time Machine: New U.S.-Made Iron Frame Henry—Full Review.
    The 1860 Henry, a paradigm-shifting lever action that first appeared in the Civil War era and influenced firearm design well into the future. But, originals of this firearm can be rare and expensive. So what about those of us who would like to own one for themselves, one that we can actually shoot?
  • Canning with wax using this experimental method worked for me as well as any canning jar with a fresh lid, but this is way outside of approved FDA canning practices, so watch/read at your own risk.Prepping 101: Canning Food With Paraffin Wax for Short Term Preservation
    The title of this article sounds more like a scientific paper than a survival topic, and that is by design. I would prefer that the dufus brigade not read it. Canning food demands attention to detail, and though this method of canning is a fringe, do not try this at home kind of idea, it is still canning. You need to pay attention to the details. I would not suggest canning with just paraffin wax except in a genuine "use or or lose it" food survival situation, but it does work.
  • The BFS is designed to "drop in" to a wider range of AR-15 lowers with minimal fitting and fuss. Note the red selector markings "plate" under the ambidextrous selector. Image courtesy of Franklin Armory.Full Auto Speeds - No NFA or Bumpfire - Franklin Armory Binary Firing System Installation & Full Review
    The Franklin Armory Binary Firing System drop-in AR-15 trigger allows a shooter to fire a round with the press of a trigger and fire a second round with a release of the trigger. From a tactical standpoint, the Franklin Armory BFS can significantly increase the rate of fire.
  • We love the Honor Guard!  Check out our review.Auction Alert! Bid on Special Honor Guard 9mm Pistol to Benefit DEA Charity
    "Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration are on the front lines of our war against illegal drugs and the violent criminals who make and sell them," said Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense.
  • kimber-coverKimber Hunter .308 Deer Rifle (vs. Wild Florida Hogs) - New Gun Review
    With deer season just around the corner, I thought that now would be a good time to review the Kimber Hunter, which is their entry level deer rifle of a very high end line. If you are a regular here at GunsAmerica, you've probably seen the ad for the rifle running on our homepage, and they sent me a review rifle a few months ago. Now that summer is pretty much behind us, it's time to start thinking new deer rifle, and if you have the budget, the $885 MSRP Kimber Hunter is an option you should seek out. Most people think 1911 when they think of Kimber, but the company started with rifles, and it is still a core component of Kimber Firearms today. The Hunter is the same action as the $1,400 Kimber rifles. If are have been looking for an upgrade this deer season, please watch the video.
  • The FN15 Tactical in 300 BLK gives shooters a reasonably priced, impressive quality AR in a highly adaptable chambering.FN15 Tactical from FN in 300 BLK—Full Review
    The FN15 as configured is an excellent choice for a hunting or home defense gun. And I for one think we are going to see further evolution of the AR platform under the FN banner. For one thing, only they can truly call upon the spirit of Saint John Moses Browning.
  • glock 17mCheck out These Leaked Photos of 'Gen 5' Glock 17M
    Pictures of the rumored "fifth-generation" Glock 17M have been leaked. The fingergrooves are gone but that's not all, the 17M has a lot of changes.
  • The Nighthawk GRP Recon is designed to provide shooters with a tactical-grade 1911 capable of accepting weaponlights such as this Surefire X300 Ultra.Specialized Suppressor-Ready Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon .45 1911—Full Review.
    The Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol, GRP, was introduced at the height of the Global War on Terror. The original GRP was a standard 1911 duty-ready pistol in a traditional configuration. The company then answered the requests for a rail model by introducing the GRP Recon.
  • To find range to your target, you could make use of technology and use a scope with integrated laser rangefinder like the Burris Eliminator (bottom.) Or, with some basic math, you can use a scope with a graduated mil-dot or MOA reticle like the Burris Veracity (top.)Optics Buying Guide: Finding Range With A Scope
    You can figure out how far away an object is using your scope, provided its reticle has markings in mil dots or minutes of angle.
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