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  • Prepping 101: $20 Augason Farms 4 Person/48hr Supply at Walmart - Ultimate Survival Food Deal?
    The Auguson bucket I cover here that I found in my local Walmart is 2x to 3x better in calories per dollar than most of the stuff out there, so that is why I figured it might be a good candidate to compare to what I can really get for the same money, right on the same shelves at Walmart. The bucket and food, at $19.99, work out to 545 calories per dollar. My example bucket comes to 2,000 calories per dollar.
  • Springfield “Trapdoor” - The Gun That Really Won the West
    Hollywood legend has it that the gun that “Won the West” was the Winchester Model 1873 Jimmy Stewart struggled to keep in the movie Winchester ’73. In fact, it was the U.S. Model 1873 .45-70 Springfield, better known to modern day collectors and shooters as the “.45-70 Trapdoor” for its top-opening breech block, that truly “Won the West.”
  • CZ Makes a Glock? The New P-10 C Polymer Striker-Fired 9mm – Full Review.
    The CZ P-10 C, which is quite a lot to spit out, is the latest foray of CZ into the polymer frame market. We haven’t seen a striker-fired CZ in quite sometime, and it looks like the Czech engineers spent that time in the lab though, turning out a very good pistol for the US market.
  • The Empty Suits at Remington - Paul and Clay Visit Huntsville
    Clay and I got to visit Remington after his now famous review of the RP9 striker pistol. What we found was surprising. This video is over 20 minutes, and is really just an overview story of our trip there. If you decide to watch, you probably will be surprised with what we found.
  • A 5.56-Sized .308 AR? The POF-USA Piston-Operated Revolution - Full Review.
    Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) looked at the 7.62mm AR design and began to crunch numbers and inspect designs. They believed that there was a way to merge the two worlds of the 7.62mm AR and AR-15. Essentially to make a gun that has .308 performance with a 5.56 size. They decided it was time for a revolution.
  • Auction Alert! Bid on Awesome Custom Honor Defense Pistol to Benefit C.O.P.S. Charity
    Honor Defense has teamed up with Pittsburgh Cerakote and Kester Farm Tack to offer a custom 9mm pistol for C.O.P.S. Charity to benefit families of Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Six Tips for Negotiating the Best Deal on Firearms
    And that’s when you spot him: a man in hi-tops, baggy jeans and a light blue hoodie about 25 yards down the sidewalk, staring at your group.
  • Henry All-Weather Lever Actions - Two Gun Review
    A big chunk of the Henry portfolio is in rimfire and pistol caliber rifles and carbines. It was only within the last handful of years that Henry started to make some full powered rifles, which they call the “Large Caliber Rifles”. These rifles, like pretty much all of the Henry offerings, are down right handsome. We are talking classic styled rifles with Walnut stocks, deep rich bluing on the steel and of course the traditional Henry brass frame. They are sexy looking long guns that make it hard not to treat as safe queens. But these are rifles that can be a great field, truck or saddle guns. Henry now has the perfect compromise with the All-Weather Lever Actions that are available in 30-30 and 45-70.
  • Liberty Ammunition's Civil Defense 9mmAmmo Test: Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm and .45 ACP
    Taking the idea of “light and fast” model to new levels, the Civil Defense projectiles weigh in at well under half that same caliber traditional bullets. For example, the 9mm projectile weighs just 50 grains. Compare that to 115 or 124 grains for common 9mm defense rounds. The .45 ACP bullets weigh in at 78 grains as compared to a more traditional weight range of 185 to 230 grains. The result is blistering speed.
  • Perfecting Perfection? The Glock 17 MOS Optics-Ready 9mm – Full Review.
    What’s the difference then between Gen4 and Gen4 MOS pistols? Also, what does MOS mean? Glad you asked. MOS stands for Modular Optics System, which in five dollar words means you can put a red dot sight on it.
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