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  • A Non-NFA 14” Remington 870? The New TAC-14 – Full Review!
    I have witnessed the birth of several categories of guns over the years. The latest trend of this nature is a class of guns described as pump-action firearms. Guns that fit into this category are pump firearms with a 14-inch barrel and no stock or pistol grip, firing 12 gauge shotgun rounds, and with an overall length of more than 26 inches. The Remington Tac-14 is one of the newest additions.
  • A Mega-Capacity Sig Sauer P320? The 21+1 Full Size X-Five 9mm – Full Review.
    My first thought when reading the breaking news of the new X-Five line was that SIG was making some neat looking cosmetic changes to the pistol and maybe a bell here or a whistle there. It wasn’t until I received the test sample of the P320 X-Five and immediately tore it apart before I realized that the mad scientists at SIG had done much more than that! It is a P320, and shares the same internal serialized chassis (or fire control group) as the rest of the series. But in just about every other way it is a completely new and different gun.
  • A Sub-MOA Winchester for $550? The XPR Bolt-Action – Full Review.
    Things have changed at Winchester since the mid-19th century, the New Haven, Connecticut plant is no more, and ownership of the company has changed as well. One thing has remained though: Winchester rifles are synonymous with reliability. There have been many different models, and many variations on a particular model. Herein, I'm tackling the Winchester XPR rifle, a modern bolt-action designed to handle it all, at a price that won’t see you sleeping on the couch.
  • Loaded for Bear: Dan Wesson Bruin 10mm Long Slide – Full Review
    Love it or hate it, the 10mm round deserves respect. Both the chambering and the 6.3-inch barrel that Dan Wesson equips the Bruin with make it a great choice for hunting—especially with 10mm cartridges loaded to their full potential. Pigs, deer, and bear within close range will fall prey to the Bruin.
  • Ahead Of Its Time: The Retro Classic Franchi LAW 12 Scattergun
    While the cumbersome SPAS 12 died a natural death around the turn of the millennium, its cousin the LAW 12 was a prescient piece of iron indeed. I traded out of my old LAW 12 a couple decades ago but recently found another one and righted that past wrong.
  • Big Boar Buster: Going Hog Wild with the New Savage MSR 10 Long Range .308
    If your goal is to exterminate as many pigs as possible, your best bet is to shoot as many as you can very quickly. That’s a task best suited to an autoloading rifle. I also prefer something more powerful than a .223 Remington, and that’s why I chose Savage’s new MSR 10 Long Range rifle for a recent Texas hog hunt.
  • A Street-Legal Spec Ops SAW? The FN M249S Para – Full Review.
    Do you need an $8,500, 16-pound semi-auto 5.56? Of course you do! Read on to learn more about the new FN M249S Para that is part of the company's Military Collector Series line of products.
  • STI Hex Tactical 2011: A 9mm Triple-Tap Machine—Full Review.
    I have never owned an STI pistol, and until I received the Hex Tactical for this review, I had only shot them a few times, during “hey, try this out” sessions on match days. I was impressed on those occasions and was eager to have this model – a relatively new one from STI, all to myself for testing. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed!
  • Medium Radiation - MyGeiger Pro v3 - Hanford Nuclear Accident - Prepping 101
    I decided to return to radiation again this week because of the accident at the Hanford nuclear storage site in Washington state. I know that even with a nuclear war potentially looming over the conflict on the Korean peninsula, most people will absolutely refuse to prepare for a high level radiation event no matter what. So this week we'll take a look at a low level event. This meter, MyGeiger V3, is roughly $150, and it is a worthy investment to be able to measure what I would call "medium level" radiation.
  • Got No Draco? - Century N-PAP AK Pistol w/Brace - Review & Discussion
    There has been a good deal of hoopla of late on the Draco AK pistol. Century can't get enough of them out into the market, mostly because they appeared in some hip hop songs and videos. Needless to say, the rappers involved don't practice appropriate gun safety, but you can't take away from these guns that they just look cool. But are they effective weapons? Right now this Century PAP AK pistol and brace combo are available for under $1,000. Compared to an AR in .300BK, I think it beats it.
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