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  • New Springfield Range Officer Elite: Operator in 9mm & Compact in .45 ACP — Full Review
    I have long been a fan of the Springfield Armory when it comes to 1911s. Much like the Dos Equis beer guy: I don’t always shoot single stacks, but when I do, the odds are high that it’s a Springfield. This week, GunsAmerica got a first look at the new Range Officer (RO) Elite models.
  • Epoxy AR-15 Mold Ghost Gun Kit - Clay Eats Some Crow!
    There are a few places to purchase the kits, but AR15Mold.com provides a kit for molding a lower receiver in any color. And thus, began our mold pouring journey. I started this process extremely skeptical. However, I have yet to see an AR lower made of anything besides aluminum or carbon fiber that lasts.
  • Iconic Scattergun: An Affordable FAIR Iside 20 Gauge — Full Review
    With a company name of Fabricca Armi Isidoro Rizzini (FAIR), this little 20-gauge jewel has definitely pulled off an under promise and over deliver scenario with the Iside model. FAIR is a northern Italian firearms manufacturer that has been in business since 1971. They have been building and providing fine firearms for years and are now imported by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) operating out of a facility built in Amarillo, Texas.
  • Find Out What Barrel Length is Best for Your AR
    One of the top questions I get when people go to buy their first AR is, “What barrel length should I get?”
  • The Return of the King: Single-Stack 1911s in Competition
    The evolution and revolution of the 1911 are both alive and doing well. Modern machining and the lessons learned from 30 years of competition means even these classics can get the best triggers, sights, finishes and magazine wells available. These may be the Classic Division guns but they are leaps and bounds better than most of the 1911s of old.
  • Affordable Dangerous Game Rifles — Roundup
    The active pursuit of dangerous game is far and away my favorite style of hunting. The gear required for hunting dangerous game — specifically the rifle — must be rock solid, as with failure comes the potential for loss of life.
  • An All-Purpose AR-15: S&W M&P 15 Sport II— Full Review
    It’s time to think about buying an AR-15. Selection is high and prices are falling; there’s never been a better time for the AR-15 market. Besides, can you ever really have too many black rifles? If you answered yes, stop reading now!
  • The Ultimate Backpacking .410: Stevens 301 Single Shot — Full Review
    Whether you’re a survivalist looking for a trail gun or a parent looking for a first firearm, the Stevens Model 301’s low cost, simple functionality and reliability make it a great addition to any collection.
  • A Gunfighter's Replica: BCM Mk12 Mod 0 — Full Review
    This BCM Mk12 Mod 0 review was a fun trip down memory lane. If you are a collector or carried one of these in the war, I recommend it highly. Mine shot 1-inch groups at 100-meters with 77-grain Black Hills loads.
  • Top Five Pocket Carry Holsters
    With pocket carry, there may be some issues with printing, yes, but with the right holster, it’s just a bulge in your pocket perhaps caused by a phone or a wallet or whatever.
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