Air Venturi Licensed M1 Carbine BB Rifles Now Shipping

Both models have synthetic wood stocks paired with alloy receivers, barrels and magazines. (Photo: Air Venturi)

Teaming up with Springfield Armory, Air Venturi is pleased to announce two new gas-powered M1 Carbine replicas, a .177-caliber BB gun and a skirmish-ready airsoft rifle.

The licensed replicas are built to recreate the real thing in terms of weight and balance in order to mimic handling the real .30-caliber carbines, whether you’re plinking or re-enacting. They both use a gas blowback action and both feed from 15-round magazines which contain one 12-gram CO2 cartridge.

Loaded with 5.1-grain steel BBs the air rifle fires projectiles at up to 425 feet per second. The air rifle gets about 40 shots per cartridge. The airsoft gun fires .2-grain airsoft BBs at 450 feet per second and gets 60 shots per cartridge.

The orange muzzle gives away this carbine’s airsoft nature but not much else. (Photo: Air Venturi)

Both are listing in stores at around $199, with spare magazines running about $34. They are all-metal magazines that, like the carbines, have a similar look and feel to the real thing. These are a great way to get behind an M1 Carbine in the backyard or even indoors.

This is part of a greater partnership between Springfield and Air Venturi. The companies announced a licensing deal last year and since then Air Venturi has been working on creating a series of Springfield replicas in air rifle, pistol, and airsoft iterations.

“By partnering with Springfield Armory, Air Venturi is able to put the most historically significant firearm designs into the hands of airgunners, replica enthusiasts and airsoft fans alike,” said Air Venturi president Val Gamerman.

“With the introduction of the Springfield Armory’s name into the airgun and airsoft gun industry, we are ushering in a new era in our long-standing history in the shooting sports industry,” said Springfield president Steve McKelvain. “By partnering with Air Venturi, we will continue our tradition of developing products that are loyal to Springfield Armory’s heritage while ensuring The Armory’s place in the progression of American firearms and now, airguns and airsoft.”

In addition to the two new M1 Carbine models now shipping Air Venturi produces a full line of XD-M products in air pistol and airsoft models. The company makes both full-size and compact XD-Ms for plinking and playing alike.

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  • Henry White October 10, 2020, 9:17 am

    Looking to purchase a m-1 30 caliber carbine rifle,perfered a old war one.for these are the best for hunting wild hogs with.

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