Ashbury Can Help You Get a Custom Fit for Your Rifle—SHOT Show 2014

apo02Ashbury Precision Ordnance

Selecting the perfect hunting or target rifle is only the first step in the process. If you can’t afford to have a custom rifle made for you, (or can’t justify the expense to your spouse), the next step is to make whatever adjustments are necessary to get your rifle to fit you properly. You can’t shoot your best with an ill fitting gun. You can cut the stock down with a saw and build up the comb and butt pad with various aftermarket add-ons, or you can take a more sophisticated approach. Ashbury makes it easy with their modular line of fully adjustable chassis. You can adjust the length of pull and comb height to get a fit that’s perfect. The company’s modular chassis system, called Saber-Forsst, comes in composite, alloy or carbon fiber depending on your needs, and it uses Limbsaver recoil pads. An added bonus is that it makes for a very cool looking gun too…at least if you’re into the tacticool look. If you’ve never shot a gun that fits you completely, you may be surprised to learn that you’re a better shooter than you thought. The products the Ashbury reps showed us were for the Savage bolt action rifles, but they have chassis systems to fit a wide array of guns. Check them out at

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