Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod From Field Optics – SHOT Show 2020

From what I’ve noticed, 2019 was the year of carbon fiber tripods and their use for shooting sports applications. I expect to see this trend continue and evolve, and so does Field Optics Research it would seem. New for 2020, Field Optics has released their PRO32-MIL/s, an extremely lightweight and sturdy addition to their product line. The tripod is completely made in the USA.

The PRO32-MIL/s is lightweight, compact and sturdy. This makes it the perfect tripod for shooting applications.

The PRO32-MIL/s (I apologize for how often I’m going to have to type this) is a lot more than what you would notice at a glance. Of course, it is lighter weight and stronger than an aluminum or alloy tripod. It’s also constructed with a 3 leg segment design without a center column, making it much more stable than designs that get their height from a long center column.

This tripod has 3 leg segments and 2 twist leg locks.

The PRO32-MIL/s only weighs 4.6 lbs, is 55.4 inches tall and collapses down to 23.7″ in length. Each leg is detachable and constructed of 10 layers of carbon fiber which stacks up to 1.2mm thick and a total leg diameter of 32mm. The weight limit is advertised as being a whopping 115 pounds, but I’ve seen it hold twice that!

Here, the PRO32-MIL/s is holding up approximately 200 pounds at full extension!

From here on out, the features on the PRO32-MIL/s are very interesting. This tripod has Field Optics’ patent pending Titan Leg Lock SystemTM, which is basically a retention collar below the leg angle locks which can be activated or disengaged in order to lock the legs into that position. This system keeps the leg angle from being closed as well as opened up. The effect that this has while using this tripod for shooting is the total elimination of “tripod walk” which occurs under heavy recoil, typically causing the legs to move.

The Titan Leg Lock SystemTM is basically just a threaded collar that puts upward pressure on the leg locks, locking the tripod leg into that position. When you have the system locked up like this, you cannot close or open the leg angle.
Once you release the Titan Leg Lock System, you can operate the leg locks freely.

Another neat feature of the PRO32-MIL/s is the attachment/leveling system that it has. This tripod has a lever-lock Arca Swiss-Picatinny clamp that accepts either of those rail types. This whole head can be leveled and locked into place because of the Precision Bowl Tensioner and 75mm diameter bowl. With just a quarter turn twist, you can tighten or loosen this base and utilize the 20 degrees of +/- tilt and separate 360-degree pan.

The lever lock plate accepts both Arca Swiss and Picatinny rails.

There are some other cool features that are less obvious about the PRO32-MIL/s. For starters, you can unscrew a leg or two and then attach Field Optics’ walking stick grip and use them for hiking. You can also get these legs and attach a knife hidden inside a grip that can be handy in a survival situation, and more!

Overall, the PRO32-MIL/s tripod is a great value for what it is. You get all of the highest-end features at a reasonable price of $789.00 MSRP, where similar tripods will cost you 3x that elsewhere. Keep an eye open on GunsAmerica for a full review in the future!


  • 32mm leg diameter
  • removable legs
  • 10 ply, 1.2mm CF thickenss
  • 3-year warranty – 6 years if you register the product
  • 20 degree tilt
  • 360 degree pan
  • 3 leg angles
  • Titan Leg Lock SystemTM
  • 4.6 lbs. weight
  • 55.4″ maximum height
  • 115 lb. weight limit
  • 4.75″ minimum height
  • 75mm bowl diameter
  • 23.7″ folded length
  • $789.00 MSRP

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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