‘Are You Serious?’ Teen Carjacker Gets Body-Slammed by Would-Be Victim Who Is Having None of It (VIDEO)

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'Are You Serious?' Teen Carjacker Gets Body-Slammed by Would-Be Victim Who Is Having None of It (VIDEO)
This carjacking did not go as planned… (Photo: Screenshot, Buzz News)

A juvenile carjacker chose the wrong victim earlier this month when he tried to make a quick score in a suburban neighborhood near San Francisco.

Viral video of the incident shows the would-be victim picking up the armed carjacker and slamming him to the ground. The juvenile drops the gun he was holding and shrieks as the victim holds him down. After a few seconds, the car owner lets the boy get up, and he runs away with his accomplice.

Both were arrested later that week in connection with another attempted robbery.

“Although we do not encourage individuals to resist an armed encounter, we are thankful that… the victim’s [sic] acted quickly to prevent them from being injured and having the belongings stolen,” said Lt. Ali Khan of the San Leandro Police Department.

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The San Leandro PD reported that the juvenile carjackers had been involved in attempted robberies both before and after the viral incident.

Six hours before, three juveniles approached a man who was withdrawing money from an ATM at a Chase Bank. They pointed a gun at him and demanded money, but the victim scared them away by claiming to be an off-duty police officer.

Then, four days after the attempted carjacking, three boys were arrested by the Oakland Police for being part of an armed robbery.

Officers released those juveniles to their parents, but three days later they were arrested again for another attempted carjacking. Four juveniles were arrested in that incident, an 11-year-old, a 12-year-old, and two 14-year olds. Police confirmed that two of those boys were involved in the viral carjacking the week prior.

In the video of the first carjacking captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera, two juveniles can be seen approaching a man after he gets out of his vehicle. They point a gun at his head, and he begins walking backward.

“Are you serious?” he asks.

The view is partially obstructed by the car, but the man begins striking at the boy and picks him up from behind.

“Ok! Ok!” the boy yells, still holding the gun.

The man slams him on the ground, and the gun clatters to the street. The boy’s accomplice stands well out of arm’s reach while the man jumps on the boy and holds him to the ground.

The boy (or his friend) screams, and his accomplice yells, “Hey, let him go!”

The boy says something inaudible, and the man shoves the boy away. The two suspects run out of the camera frame, and the man picks up the gun.

In the midst of a national debate about police procedure, some Twitter users wondered why police can’t deal with armed assailants in the same way.  

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Others hypothesized that the gun was fake, though police said the teen attempted the carjacking “using a gun.”

The cases have been referred to the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center for prosecution.

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  • Spudnut January 12, 2022, 1:33 pm

    Oh he’s a real bad boy, huh?

    Screaming like a 1st grade schoolgirl getting her hair pulled…

    The unfortunate part about these punks is that, the way they’re going, within a year they will either be dead or in jail on their way to prison.

  • SD April 30, 2021, 10:07 pm

    Anybody see Jacobi’s tweet? What an idiot. He must not be able to read. These kids were involved with crimes BEFORE AND AFTER this attempted hijacking. They won’t learn until somebody kills the little aholes.

    • Armed and Dangerous April 30, 2021, 10:09 pm

      Should have done a Derick Chauvin on the punks

  • Alan S April 30, 2021, 9:46 pm

    Should have slammed him down on his empty head and ended this worthless thugs life. That’s the only way that little shit will be rehabilitated.

  • Todd April 30, 2021, 11:52 am

    *Sign in* to utoob to see this?

    Not bloody likely.


  • Meeester April 30, 2021, 10:25 am

    These kids didn’t learn anything except don’t get caught. They didn’t get picked up for what they did this day, they got caught committing some other similar crime. Who knows what they did in the meantime and since.

  • bobs your uncle April 24, 2021, 10:20 am

    The kid squeals like a pig, thats your life in prison kid. San Leandro is the town where looters stole 70+ new cars from a Chrysler dealer and trashed many more during riots

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