Carjacking Victim Fires Back in Nashville

Quaneishia Wiggins was not expecting to have to fire on two teenage carjackers who stole her Dodge Journey on Monday morning. Now, the pair of juveniles face aggravated robbery charges, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Wiggins was calm and collected when she spoke with WKRN news and expressed that she was in disbelief at the age of the perpetrators.

“I mean, I could tell that these were kids because I’m looking, I’m like these are juveniles, these are kids that’s robbing me,” Wiggins said.

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The teens’ names and pictures have not been released to the media. However, the police did report that they are 14 and 15 years old.

“If you are a teenager at 4 o’clock in the morning, you should be getting ready for high school or school, not out jacking people for their cars,” Wiggins said. “Then for it be kids, just think if I did have my gun and I shot and they shot and we going back and forth at my job and they could have killed me, or I could have killed somebody, because somebodies kids out jacking people.”

Wiggins said she was heading to work in the early morning hour and saw another vehicle driving erratically on the road. For her safety, she passed the dangerous driver, but not before honking at him. Once she pulled into work, she realized she was followed by the same vehicle.

Wiggins said that when she opened her door, she was approached by a young man in a ski mask who pointed a gun at her face and demanded her keys, phone, and phone passcode. 

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“I went into survival mode, I was just calm,” Wiggins said. “I mean, I literally put my hands up.”

After the teens left in her van, Wiggins went inside her workplace to call the police. Later in the day, Wiggins received an alert that her card had been used at two different gas stations. With her fiance in tow and a loaner car from her mother, Wiggins went on a drive to see if she could find her vehicle near the areas where her card was used. 

Finally, she spotted her red SUV in the rearview mirror. 

“I said, ‘babe, that’s the car’. So, I immediately call the police, 911.”

While on the phone with the dispatcher, the two teens noticed Wiggins tailing them. At first, they tried to escape, but with Wiggins not relenting, the underage passenger began to fire his weapon. Wiggins returned fire on the assailants which caused them to crash head-on into another vehicle. 

.Wiggins says she is not likely to forget the incident, 

“Please, don’t let him shoot me,” she recalled. “But I’m still walking back.”

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