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Recipe - Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Or Other Small Game)

Recipe – Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Or Other Small Game)

This spiced vinegar marinade will tenderize small game. After braising, even Rock Chucks are a tasty meat.

Close up of Scotch eggs, one cut open on a plate.

Simple Gourmet: Deer Sausage Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are like a complete breakfast in a compact bundle. They are pub food in Britain, but I could eat them for any meal — serve them mustard, ranch sauce, or maybe maple syrup at breakfast. The best part is that they are simple to make and they put your wild game sausage to good use.

profile of the entire rifle of the gun's left side with the barrel pointing to the left. The rifle has a wood stock, black hardware, and scope.

Springfield’s 2020 Rimfire Rifles

Every shooter deserves a great bolt-action .22. I have several classic 1960s bolt actions in my safe and they are shot than all my other rifles combined. That’s why Springfield’s new 2020 Rimfire rifles are intriguing.

Finished soup in a bowl with noodles and meat.

Simple Gourmet: Szechuan-Style Noodles with Bear

The GunsAmerica team had a dish like this at SHOT: It was delicious. The soup broth is full of flavor from several spices, and the braised meat is tender and tasty. We had it with beef, which was mostly fat, and the whole time I was dreaming of eating it with bear meat.

Full view of the right side of the 509 CC Edge XL. It is pointed right and has a red dot on the top.

FN’s 509 CC Edge XL: Response to Customers’ Desires — SHOT Show 2024

It comes with 17-round mags but also takes 24-round 509 mags. The included mags are weighted in the base plate so they drop away faster. The flared mag well also aids speedy mag changes.

Close up view of the top of the optic showing the photo sensor.

C&H Precision’s New Optics Lineup Is Fierce! — SHOT Show 2024

C+H Precision is well-known for their optics plates and has made many OEM plates for other manufacturers. Now, to beat their own frustrations with the lack in the market, they’ve also created a line of optics with a surprising feature set. Let’s look at their new scope and a couple of red dots, too.

Close up view of the gun's receiver and trigger.

Panzer Arm’s Competition M4 Shotgun Is Inexpensive but It’s Feature-Rich — SHOT Show 2024

Turkish firearms manufacturer, Panzer Arms, launched a full-featured competition-style shotgun at SHOT Show this year. It’s got all the features you’d add for 3 gun competitions, but it seems to do it for less than the base cost of many semi-auto shotguns.

Winchester’s Ranger 22LR Lever Gun Is Completely New But Right At Home — SHOT Show 2024

Joining guns like the Model 1873, Winchester’s Ranger .22 has a lot to live up to. But from the way it handled at the range and the way it feels in your hands, this gun looks like it’s in the right family.

Snap-On Thermal? ATN’s TICO LTV Is Ready To Shoot — SHOT Show 2024

ATN, maker of thermal and night vision optics, has solved this problem. ATN’s TICO LTV series of thermal scopes can attach in front of your daylight optic and you can go shoot it without even zeroing it first.

Photo of the entire gun, the gun is pointing right. It's is coyote brown.

Springfield’s TRP 1911 for the Masses — SHOT Show 2024

Historically, Springfield made custom guns for the FBI, which inspired these “tactical response pistols.” So, Springfield’s TRP 1911s are not new.