C&H Precision’s New Optics Lineup Is Fierce! — SHOT Show 2024

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C&H Precision is well-known for their optics plates and has manufactured many OEM plates for other companies.

Now, to beat their own frustrations with the lack in the market, they’ve also created a line of optics with a surprising feature set. Let’s look at their new scope and a couple of red dots, too.

Close up of an AR with the full scope in profile view on top.
This FFP LPVO reaches out from 2x to 12x.

2-12x24mm LPVO Rifle Scope

The 2-12×24 LPVO starts at 2x, which is a little odd, but they have a reason. They expect folks to use their offset sight for the 1x, so starting at 2x in the scope makes sense while it allows them to offer a little more reach out to 12x than most LPVOs.

Close up view of the ocular lens.
The eye box is generously sized.

Not only does it have more reach, but it also has a focus knob on the side and locking turrets with tactile detents for each .1 milrad click. The reticle is in the first focal plane, and the glass seems pretty good (full review to come).

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Close up view of the three control knobs on the scope looking down from above.
The 2-12x24mm scope has a focus knob and locking turrets.

C&H Precision’s new 2-12x24mm riflescope will be available in the Fall of 2024. the MSRP will be $1,350.

Close up view of the red dot on a pistol.
This enclosed red dot looks tough and you can change the battery without removing it.

Red Dots

C&H has a red dot for every occasion. They all have auto-off and shake-to-wake functionality with a 50,000-hour battery life.

Plus, they’re all built tough but have features like the ability to change batteries without removing the optic and weather sealing.

What’s more, they have integrated rear sights for co-witnessing just in case the red dot ceased working. Check out this post for tips on zeroing your red dot.

Close up view of the ERD 2 on the rail of an AR.
The ERD 2 has auto-dimming.

ERD 2 Enclosed Rifle Dot Sight

ERD 2 stands for Enclosed Rifle Dot, and it’s another tough-built tool from C&H. As with all their other red dots, though they are built in China, they are designed in Georgia, USA. Astoundingly, they do full quality checks on as many as 1/3 of all incoming optics.

The ERD 2 has an especially good auto-dimming feature. The sensor on top changes the red dot’s brightness as lighting conditions change. Surprisingly, this one responds immediately — even at the show we could see the change just by passing your hand over the over sensor. It’s the best True has seen yet. It’ll be available this Fall for $375.

Close up view of the top of the optic showing the photo sensor.
The white photo sensor is exceptionally sensitive.

C&H Precision has all kinds of accessories for optics, and now they have quality optics, too. Check out their full catalog here.

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