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Gift guide for mom this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This guide is intended to give your loved ones an easy list to consider for mom. These are products that my wife or I have actually used and have experience with.

Behold the Unicorn: Fast Suppressor Approval

Recent changes in approval processes at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) appear to have drastically shortened suppressor approval wait times.

Sig Cross Rifle Gets a New Carbon Fiber Barrel in 6.5

Helix 6 founder Jon Beagle is obsessed with quality, consistency, and accuracy. Jon is a precision rifle builder, and to put things in perspective, if you want him to build you a custom long-range rifle you can’t get one this year.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Help him out with a thoughtful present selected from this Father’s Day Gift Guide. As usual, every item profiled in this article is something I either use all the time or have personally tested.

InfiRay BOLT TH50C - Reviewed

InfiRay BOLT TH50C – Reviewed

For this test and evaluation, I mounted the TH50C to my Sig Cross bolt action rifle.

Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrels

Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrels

Accuracy was the number one goal Jon had when he created Helix 6 Precision. And although Beagle must be cautious about sharing his manufacturing process, the high carbon-to-resin ratio is part of the magic.

Leupold Carbon Fiber Tripods

Leupold Carbon Fiber Tripods

Leupold has upgraded its carbon fiber tripod lineup. There are three models to choose from: the Alpine, the Pro Guide, and the Mark 5.

Thermal Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - iRay's ZH38 Zoom Reviewed

Thermal Zoom, Zoom, Zoom – iRay’s ZH38 Zoom Reviewed

In this article, I cover the IRay ZOOM, which offers a unique feature to a thermal scanner.

2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Show Dad some love and get him something on this list to help him celebrate (of course) Father’s Day.

2021 Top Ten Tactical Christmas

2021 Top Ten Tactical Christmas

Well, another year and another two, er um, 52 weeks to “flatten the curve”. December marks the 90th week of some type of lockdown and time seems to have warped. If Christmas has snuck up on you, fear not for I have suggestions for what to buy yourself and others. As always these are products I have actually used and have experience with.