Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A pile of fantastic gear to gift your special lady on Mother's Day
This Mother’s Day Gift Guide provides you solid suggestions for what to get mom!

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Having done a GunsAmerica Father’s Day Gift Guide for five years, it’s probably well past time to do a Mother’s Day version. When assembling this list I went straight to my wife, the mother of our children. She is extremely active outdoors, has taken firearms training, and has even attended the Sheepdog Response course. With that in mind, this guide is intended to give your loved ones an easy list to consider for mom. These are products that my wife or I have actually used and have experience with.

Work It. . . Out

While not my area of expertise, good sports bras matter to moms who work out. The closest mom in my life is my wife, and she works out regularly. I had her test the 5.11 Tactical PT-R Max Effort Racerback bra. She reported, “It has great support, the seams are minimized, and it’s super comfortable. I can paddle a kayak or work out and I there’s no chafing.”

She also stated that the pads in front don’t move around. This is a high-value feature. “The pads stay put and that’s good because it’s a major pain with some other bras,” she said. I would report that she looks great in it, but she is modest and wears a shirt over the top. Available in XS-XL in black or Shadow Jungle Canopy camo for $39.


Not my wife, but somebody who is getting after it. Give mom some 5.11 Tactical gear for working out.

My wife also tested the 5.11 PT-R Max Effort leggings during her workouts and said, “The leggings are comfortable, and they match the bra, so I like them.”

“The pocket in the small of the back holds my driver’s license perfectly, and the little pocket in the front fits my truck’s key fob in it too.” She said the panels are cut in the lower back to make the leggings comfortable for working out, and she emphasized that the seams are flat and non-chafing. Available in XS-XL in black, peppercorn, or Shadow Jungle Canopy camo for $58.

Defend Yourself – Sig P365X

A Sig Sauer P365X makes a great Mother's Day gift
The Sig Sauer P365X is a solid option for a carry gun for mom.

As a concealed carrier who writes in the gun world, you might think I have multiple carry guns, and you would be right. When my wife started carrying, she got to try on several of mine to see what she liked. She ultimately selected the Sig P365x. Her hands are small, and this wonderfully concealable and accurate firearm fits her well, so she bought one. The gun handles well under recoil for her, and the controls are reachable and practical.

The entire Sig P365 line is great, and this is one of the latest versions. It comes optics-ready, but the iron sights are significantly better than most stock polymer pistol sights. The grip is about as long as the Sig P365 with a two-round extension magazine. Her’s only holds 10 rounds because commie overlords in our state want to do something with their time. Get mom a Sig P365x for Mother’s Day (by whatever legal method exists in your state). Prices vary, but they can usually be had for a little over $600.

Mother’s Ammo

Defender ammo
Defender ammunition comes in a variety of types. Here is the 124g round nose training rounds in 9mm.

Everyone on your list needs more ammunition. One manufacturer that deserves consideration for your Mother’s Day giftee is Defender Ammunition. Why, you ask? Because their 124g round nose 9mm is one of the softest recoiling training ammunition out there. Some moms, certainly not all, appreciate getting some training done at the range without getting hammered with recoil. The mom in our house has been using this training ammunition for a long time, as have I. Highly recommended at $16 per 50 for remanufactured or $17.25 for new.

Train Without Ammo

The Mantis Dryfire system
The dryfire systems from Mantis are outstanding and can help any level of shooter improve fundamentals.

Dryfire training has got to be the most neglected and most important type of defensive firearms training. Help mom out with any of the dry fire training systems from Mantis. I have used the Mantis system for years and saw improvement immediately after starting. I reviewed the Mantis X, Mantis Blackbeard, and Mantis Laser Academy products for GunsAmerica. The basis of the Mantis products is a device that attaches to a magazine floor or a rail on your firearm.

The device links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you instant and cumulative feedback on how steady you are during dryfire. It’s really slick. Any Mantis system will be helpful. The Mantis X2 system is available for just $99 and supports dryfire only. The X3 ($169) adds live fire analysis, and the X10 Elite ($249) gives you all the bells and whistles for pistols, rifles, bows, and shotguns.

Keep the Blood in the Good Guys . . . and Gals

An orange Sheepdog Response tourniquet makes a useful Mother's Day gift
Tourniquets are necessary EDC gear.

One thing my wife and I learned in the Sheepdog Response Protector 1 course is seemingly simple. Keep blood inside the good guys. They taught us why we should always carry a tourniquet and how to apply one properly. There are many places to buy tourniquets, but I suggest getting one from a well-regarded supplier. Cheap, knockoff tourniquets can fail when you need them to perform. Sheepdog Response and Fieldcraft Survival offer high-quality tourniquets such as the SOF or the North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet for $30-$35.

Is That a Fanny Pack? Why Yes, Yes It Is.

A black fanny pack with a handgun in it for Mother's Day
The Low Visibility Waist Pack from Sheepdog Response is a great carry option for mom.

Concealed carry options can be challenging, particularly if you are petite. An option to consider for mom is the Low Viz Waist Pack (LVWP) from Sheepdog Response. That’s a fancy name for a fanny pack, but hey, marketing. The LVWP easily carries a Sig P365X, a cell phone, an extra mag, and a tourniquet, not to mention a band-aid and some gum (which moms always seem to have).

Black Low Viz Waist Pack holding cell phone and tourniquet
This fanny pack has room for a carry pistol, cell phone, tourniquet, extra mag, wallet, snacks, and more.

Beyond Clothing For Mother’s Day

Beyond Clothing coat to give mom for Mother's Day
The Women’s Corday Softshell L5 Jacket from Beyond Clothing is both warm and stylish.

It is a little off-season, but I bought my wife the Women’s Corday Softshell L5 Jacket from Beyond Clothing for Mother’s Day. She will find out either when reading this article or on Mother’s Day. I bought her the coat because I have some other Beyond Clothing gear and it’s well made with great materials. I have their L8 parka and bibs, and they are ridiculously warm.

I also bought her the jacket because it was on sale at $89.49 (regularly $225, and on sale for $119 at the time of this writing) and I’m on their distribution list for sale items. The Corday Softshell has a removable coyote ruff, an adjustable hood, zippered hand pockets, and rib-knit cuffs. Located near Renton, Washington, Beyond Clothing makes outdoor gear for serious outdoor people. If my wife isn’t a serious outdoor person then I don’t know who is. The Corday jacket comes in white, black, or blue. The soft shell is stretchy and the inside has a breathable fleece lining for comfort.

Professional Instruction

Shooters at a range
Sheepdog Response offers excellent defensive training at locations across the USA.

As mentioned above, the mom in our house has attended the Sheepdog Response Protector 1 training course. It’s a 2.5 day course that involves situational awareness, basic firearms training, concealed firearms training, grappling, weapon retention, and tourniquet use. This is an outstanding course, and there are many other great courses out there too. If the mom in your life carries a firearm please get her some training. Being untrained or unpracticed is dangerous. While I have given my wife some training based on what I have learned, I’m not an expert. Many shooting ranges have courses specifically geared toward women. Get her the training she deserves.

Shooter with friends
Left to right: author, Sheepdog Response founder Tim Kennedy, and maybe my wife….maybe.

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