Daniel Defense Folding Stock and Soundguard Suppressors — SHOT Show 2023

DD’s new folding stock bracket is robust.

Daniel Defense has answered popular demand with two new products: a folding adapter for the Delta 5 Pro and Soundguard suppressors.

The Delta 5 Pro chassis for Bergara and Remington 700 actions is a favorite among precision shooters. It took a lot of ingenuity and engineering to create a folding stock up to Daniel Defense’s standards.

But this folding adapter locks up tightly and is worthy of your precision rifle. It shortens the overall length when collapsed for packing the rifle.

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This folding adapter locks up tight.
The Soundguard suppressors include tuning screws to adjust which exhaust ports gas can exit.

The Soundguard suppressors come in heavy-use cans made with steel cores and light-use cans made with titanium cores. The steel cores weigh 22 oz and the titanium cores weigh 15 oz. They are made to fit .30-caliber and 5.56 rifles and mount with 1-3/8″ direct thread adapters. That thread pitch also works with many other muzzle devices.

The unique thing about the Soundguards is that they have a series of holes at the end where gasses vent. These can be filled with set screws and you can thereby tune the exhaust to reduce muzzle rise for your particular rifle.

Daniel Defense’s folding adapter is $199, while the Soundguards start at $780.

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