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As I take concealed carry seriously, I thought I'd show you what the whole rig looks like in practice.

I believe in the concealed part of concealed carry, so I thought I’d show you what the whole Every Day Carry kit looks like in practice.

Every Day Carry is a chore we here at GunsAmerica love. And we tend to take it pretty seriously. As the Tactical Editor, I carry. Its my job. Here’s a look at what I carry every day.

EDC Tactical Editor pocket dump. This is almost everything. I've lost my Leatherman.

EDC Tactical Editor pocket dump. This is almost everything. I’ve lost my Leatherman Squirt.

EDC Tactical Editor PK30 and Black Rhino Holster

The P30SK and Black Rhino Holster

Let’s start with the gun: my pistol of choice for concealed carry greatly depends on the weather, and how much junk food I’ve consumed that week. I prefer to carry a double stack 9mm in the appendix position. Over the last 2 months, it has been an H&K P30SK (review in the works now). Before that, it was a GLOCK 26. The P30sk is a double action and I’ve found it to be both safe and reliable.

Double stacks are harder to conceal, and the GLOCK 43s have taken over the CCW world, but (for me) single stack 9mms just don’t make much sense. I chose to carry a double stack 9mm that shares magazines with my range gun, the VP9. It gives me options. I can carry a 10 round magazine, a 15 round magazine, or one of my competition magazines (which give me 19 rounds of back up ammo). Normally I stick an extra 10 round mag in my off-hand pocket for good measure.

I carry the P30sk in a Black Rhino Concealment CCS and find it to be perfect. The Black Rhino is built from .08 thick Kydex and uses a fold-over design that keeps it from digging into my body, even in the seated position. The holster is built to be a very tight fit to the gun and even gives a little “pop” when the weapon is seated. It inspires confidence that the gun is secured, you know it won’t spill out if you bend over or fall.

Check out the HK P30SK: http://hk-usa.com/hk-models/p30sk/

Buy one on GunsAmerica: /HK P30SK

Read our review of the Black Rhino: /blog/black-rhino-concealment/

Need a good holster? https://blackrhinoconcealment.com/product/ccs-concealed-carry-system-2/

Read our review of the VP9: /blog/hks-new-vp9-striker-fired-perfected/

Read our review of the VP9 upgrades: /blog/perfecting-already-perfect-vp9/


Quartermaster QTR-5

The Quartermaster QTR-5. The odd looking knife is overbuilt.

The Benchmade 530.

The Benchmade 530. Compared to the karambit, this one is much less pugilistic in appearance.

The knives I carry on a daily basis have two jobs to fill. One has to be a dedicated fighter and one is a dedicated utility blade. Not only does this protect your fighting knife from inopportune wear, but it also give me a legitimate reason to carry more than one knife. I carry a Quartermaster QTR-5 and a Benchmade Pardue 530. The QTR is my fighting knife sporting a 2inch curved folding blade and a karambit inspired handle. The Benchmade 530 is my utility blade. The 530 has a 3inch spear-tip blade and g10 scales, making it light and slim. It is the best lightweight EDC blade I’ve come across and stays in my back pocket everyday. It is the knife I take out when I don’t want to scare the sheep–but it can do that, too, if deployed correctly.

Check out Quatarmaster Knives: http://www.quartermasterknives.com/qtr2f_babaracas.html

Check out Benchmade Knives: http://www.benchmade.com/products/530

And while we’re talking knives, we should talk tools. The multi-tool I carry everyday is probably one of my favorite piece of kit to lend out. Whenever some one needs pliers, a screwdriver, a file, a knife or wire cutters I always grab for my Leatherman Squirt. And I lose these things more frequently than I do any other piece of gear–which is why there’s no picture here. They have a habit of working off of the key-chain ring and getting loose. But the Squirt is extremely small, lightweight and extremely useful.


The Streamlight Microstream.

Leatherman Squirt.

Leatherman Squirt! I found it!

The last thing I carry every day is a flashlight. Call me obsessive. Maybe I’m just TACTICOOL, but I’ve been carrying a Streamlight Microstream for the last 4 years–every single day. No–it’s not the same one… I lose them about once every 6 months, or I end up giving them away to friends in need. These little lights are decently bright, very affordable, and extremely convenient for every day use.

Need a good light? Streamlight lights are easy to find, effective, and not too expensive: http://www.streamlight.com/

Leatherman–the undisputed king of multi-tools: Leatherman Squirt


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  • Markus July 21, 2015, 11:57 am

    Are you using a P30 holster for the P30SK? I also just purchased a P30SK as well and having a tough time finding a good holster.

  • Will Drider July 19, 2015, 11:55 pm

    Understanding that EDC is a personal choice, is not a utility knife in addition to the Leatherman redundant? I would need a Batman utility belt to carry all that gear so I could sit without being poked or on a lump. Lol.

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