Florida State Lawmakers Introduce ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill!

On Monday, Florida lawmakers introduced legislation to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms without a government-issued permit.

The bill, HB 543, was introduced by Republican state Rep. Chuck Brannan.

“Our right to bear arms, of course, is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The bill that I will file later today continues to advance Second Amendment freedoms through legislation known as ‘constitutional carry,’” said Brannan at a recent press conference.

Further, Brannan explained, “I believe Floridians have the right to bear arms to protect themselves, their families and their property without government interference. This bill is a big step to help the average law-abiding citizen to keep from having to go through the hoops of getting a permit from the government to carry their weapons.”

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner and several law enforcement officials joined Brannan in introducing the bill to show their support.

HB 543

House Bill 543 will authorize Florida residents and non-residents to carry concealed without a license, provided they meet the legal requirements to carry a weapon.

Some restrictions will exist, such as specific locations like school property and events, as well as the requirement to carry identification and display said identification upon demand by law enforcement.

Essentially, law-abiding citizens will be able to carry a concealed weapon more simply, without asking the government for permission and without paying the fee.

In regard to the motive for introducing such legislation, Brannan stated, “[Criminals] are getting guns anyway. They’re breaking into houses, they’re breaking into cars, and they’re carrying guns illegally. They don’t care what the law says. We are only giving our law-abiding citizens a simpler way to have the ability to protect themselves, their families, their homes and their places of business.”

Constitutional Carry

Florida’s push for constitutional carry comes at a decisive moment for 2A rights. Following the tragic shootings over the last few weeks, extensive gun control has been a hot topic across the country.

Further, the ATF is attempting to redefine AR-pistol braces and Illinois recently passed the unconstitutional “Protect Illinois Communities Act” banning “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines” from being manufactured or sold in the state.

Should the Florida bill pass, the Sunshine State will become the 26th state to institute such laws, thus making constitutional carry the law of the land for over half of the country.

Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, told Fox News Digital, “There is no reason why a law-abiding citizen should have to apply for a government permission slip to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their family.”

At the press conference, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey stated, “We as Florida sheriffs stand solidly behind this, and we stand behind the oath that we took to protect the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Florida.”

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  • John February 6, 2023, 11:54 am

    Good I’m gonna retire to Florida

    • Trevor March 20, 2023, 12:48 pm

      This state is CRAP NOW that ALL the TWEAKERS have now moved to MY STATE I now live in! Trust me, FLORIDA IS the arm pit of the earth! ALWAYS RAINY AND HUMID AND RAREKY EVER SUNNY like everyone think! It’s a SWEATY HUMID AS HELL FULL OF MOSQUITOS YEAR AROUND DAY AND NIGHT AND ZERO THINGS to do unirss you like DISNEY AND YOUR TEN! Or a drunk since bars in this state are ALL that has a chance of staying open. It’s a TOTAL DUMP! Texas is where to go!

  • MM in Havasu February 3, 2023, 12:37 pm

    Good. The remaining 24 states should consider doing this for their citizens(although at least 5 of those states will see icicles in hell first)so that they might be better able to protect themselves.
    That being said, GET TRAINING! Cost is negligible and it makes a big difference. I have carried concealed in AZ since 2007 and I can’t emphasize that point enough, as some folks would literally shoot themselves in the foot while trying to carry a firearm responsibly.
    I hope the FL legislature passes this.

    • Slim March 20, 2023, 12:58 pm

      That’s what the CLASSES AND BACKGROUND CHECKS are for getting training! That’s what they do in order for LEGAL carriers of concealed guns like me had to legally do so not just trained a LITTLE, but ALSO made SURE I wasn’t a felon or worse by doing full background checks! Trust me NOBODY WANTS EVERYONE who can get ACCESS to a gun CONCEALING IT AND CARRYING IT! So you want your local homeless who are ALL in some way mentally ill sinve NOBODY lives in the dirt SOLELY because they’re broke! And EVERYONE knows that A hole person who shouldn’t be NEAR a pumpkin knife, but now if this stupid ass law passes then that crazy loon would then again be LEGAL to carry a LOADED GUN EVERY PLACE?! Common… people use your heads! If your legit then take ONE OR TWO DAYS of only an hour or few max per day and pay the minimal fee to get a REAL LEGIT LICENSE to carry! This is NEVER GOOD! Do you REALLY want to go back to the old west style days where people will certainly be killed way more often! Imagine!!!!!

  • Jon Mason February 3, 2023, 9:46 am

    I have been a CCW for 20+ years. I have seen plenty of law-abiding citizens who have a handgun that probably should have no business even touching a gun. Unless you are training regularly, you pose more of a danger to yourself and others with it. I have seen shooters who cannot hit a target 10 feet away. I don’t want them discharging a round anywhere near me.

    • Slim March 20, 2023, 1:08 pm

      Thank you! See only people that actually carry guns daily and legally get why this is the dumbest thing possible. I don’t even go to my local dumpy range anymore during day and go right before dark so only get an hour at best of training which I do since I can’t count the times I’ve been flagged(moron who POINTS their gun DIRECTLY at another person) with loaded AR’s, AK’s, pistols of all sorts, and some real junkers that I’ve almost had arguments about not wanting to get shot! And just like you said I’ve seen people who can’t and don’t know how the gun they are TRYING to operate like how to simply load the mag! Or where the safety is on the GLOCK which to me a GLOCK man is truly hilarious! And as far as shooting skills goes by those same people… you my friend said it perfectly!

  • Deveron Martin February 3, 2023, 6:01 am

    Whoa ! Full ‘Constitutional Carry’ means “Open Carry as well” and this isn’t it. The rino’s don’t want open carry in this state, so they are making a big deal out of this bone they are throwing us. I’m not impressed.

  • Blue Dog (he/him) February 2, 2023, 6:37 pm

    Constitutional carry is a myth. It is dangerous to allow untrained randos loose in public with firearms. At least licensing carry makes sure that gun holders have some degree of awareness of safety and responsibility. Maybe a common sense solution would be to require some kind of proof of training to own a firearm, and these trained individuals can carry.

    • Phil February 3, 2023, 10:21 am

      Then let’s get real firearms training in the public school system. Sex ed is taught and STDs are through the roof. At least firearms training is a REAL safety class!

    • Ak February 3, 2023, 5:43 pm

      My goodness, those randos sure are scary.

      If people don’t like it they can leave Florida for somewhere more gun-civilized like, say, Kali or New Jersey.

      Oh wait….

      • Don February 6, 2023, 12:34 pm

        I moved from NJ. If I defended my family with deadly force, I would be arrested and charged. We do t need NJ laws in Florida

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