FN Unveils Optics-Ready Midsize FN 509

The new Midsize MRD is geared towards concealed carry with a smaller slide and a full-size slide and barrel (4″).

FN America announced today an optics-ready version of the popular Midsize 509, featuring FN’s patented MRD optics mounting system compatible with over ten commercially available miniature red dots.

In a move sure to please concealed carry aficionados, the 509 Midsize MRD combines a smaller, concealable frame with a four-inch barrel. The pistol ships with two 15 or 10-round magazines, and sports blacked-out co-witness iron sights that allow the user to maintain focus on the red dot of their optic with a clear sight picture.

MSRP on the new handgun is set at $799.00

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Striker-fired CCW pistols are a dime-a-dozen these days, but when FN announced the Midsize 509 back in January, FN vice president of marketing Chris Cole emphasized FN’s reputation for high-quality construction and pointed out that more options are “always a good thing.”

“What truly sets FN products apart is the quality. When customers pick up the FN 509 in comparison to other striker-fired 9mm’s, they instantly notice the ergonomics, premium finishes and price point that is competitive,” he said.

“With the FN 509 Midsize and FN 509 Tactical in black, customers will now have four additional FN options in the 9mm striker-fired category to choose from. We believe that options are always a good thing and we’re proud to provide them to our loyal customer base,” he continued.

Customers now have several optics-ready CCW options, including the Glock 19 MOS and the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield. FN’s decision to expand their MRD system into a smaller line of handguns indicates the increasing acceptance of miniature red dots in the world of civilian concealed carry.

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FN’s MRD system was an instant success when the company rolled it out last summer with their new 509 Tactical model. The system allows users to attach a wide variety of the most popular optics without modifying the slide, including the Trijicon RMR Type II, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Burris Fastfire III, and a Vortex Venom.

Unlike other systems, FN’s design uses only one set of self-locking screws, both of which are easily accessible without removing the red dot. The system also uses a rubber O-ring underneath the recoil bass plate to provide additional tension and stability. The slide features a set of raised night sights, which can be used with a suppressor and co-witnessed to the red dot.

The FN 509 Midsize MRD is now available at FN-authorized retailers nationwide. MSRP, as mentioned, $799.

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