Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home — SHOT Show 2022

Levi Sim SHOT Show 2022

Currently, you can take an 80% receiver and finish milling it yourself to make a home-built firearm.

However, the ATF is working to change the rules so that 80% receivers and any firearm parts or kits must be serialized and transfered just like a completed firearm, FBI NICS check and all.

Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home -- SHOT Show 2022
Using the Ghost Gunner CNC unit, you can create firearms in the privacy of your own home.

When that happens, you’ll have to create guns from scratch to keep them off Big Brother’s radar, and that’s where Ghost Gunner comes into play.

Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home -- SHOT Show 2022
This little mill turns a billet of aluminum into a non-serialized AR lower. Photo Ghost Gunner

Ghost Gunner 3 CNC

The new table-top CNC machine from Ghost Gunner improves on their gen. 2 version with a stiffer chassis for better-quality builds and more options for receivers. You can complete 80% builds of AR-15s, AR-308s, M1911s, Polymer 80s, and AKs. The unit comes with programming to finish billets for all these guns, and you get billets from Ghost Gunner, as well.

Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home -- SHOT Show 2022
The centerpiece is the portion of the lower that is serialized.

The big thing is that now they include programs to completely build the serialized portion of an AR-15 lower receiver from scratch. These so-called AR-00s are milled from a solid billet of aluminum (also supplied by Ghost Gunner) and cost about $25.

Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home -- SHOT Show 2022
After you mill this upper-lower, you add it to a finished lower-lower.

The Ghost Gunner 3 makes the upper portion of the lower receiver. You then add the rest of the receiver and the buffer tube ring tower. These cost about $80.

But now you’ve got the fully-functional guts of a so-called “ghost gun.”

Gun Control is Dead! Ghost Gunner 3 Makes 0% Receivers In Your Home -- SHOT Show 2022
The software to run the mill is compatible with Mac and Windows.

This CNC machine is the opposite of a 3D printer. It uses cutting bits to remove material from a billet in three axes. It’s driven by your computer running their software and it works with Windows or Mac.

Right now they only have 0% profiles for AR lowers, and for the 80% builds listed above. Soon they will 0% options for the other guns, too.

You can go to Ghost Gunner’s website and reserve your Ghost Gunner 3 now with a $500 downpayment. The complete unit will cost $2,500 and the AR jig and bits cost $295, additionally. Small price to pay for freedom.

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  • Ed February 12, 2022, 1:58 pm

    At that price point I’d much rather buy a much larger, more capable, more flexible manual mill and just make the whole thing rather than a central piece that needs bolt on additives. The working envelope would be much bigger. It would be a much stiffer machine. I could make more with it. There would, probably, be more and better accessories. I would not need to buy the extra parts to screw onto the receiver from Ghost Gunner, which would add up quick if you want to make more than one. I would not need to buy their jigs. I would gain more skill and knowledge. Etc.

    $2,500 for the machine + $295 for a jig and milling bits + $85 for the rest of the lower that doesn’t fit into their CNC + $25 for a chunk of aluminum (that you can buy cheaper at McMaster and they are not the cheapest around). That is too much for what it is. Not that it could cost less, CNC machines are expensive. Just that for the cost there are much better options.

  • Mike February 5, 2022, 2:48 pm

    Leave the gun laws alone. Enforce all laws, not just firearms, that we already have. Make the punishments so harsh that no one will want to violate them. Making all crimes punishable by stiff penalties and extended incarceration, non-flexible with NO ONE exempt from the law. Would stop this crap real quick.

    It’s not the guns it’s the idiots in local and national politics that just can’t get this right.

    BREAK the LAW, GO TO JAIL, HARD LABOR. Worked for years.

  • Tim February 4, 2022, 9:06 am

    Actually the criminals have slowly taken over OUR government . Wouldn’t it be nice if you were a criminal,to know that your stealing from unarmed victims. ( citizens )

  • GOApatriot February 3, 2022, 6:02 pm

    I really love this idea but I’m NOT spending money on this deal until it’s law!!! This will be next on the bucket list the for the commie tyrants of BATFE leadership!!!

  • Matt February 3, 2022, 3:54 pm

    Wow… you sound like such a FUDD, go ahead and turn your weapons in sooner or later it will come to that anyways. You might as well go be a good citizen now. Seriously though do you hear yourself? Have you ever heard of unconstitutional? “Shall not be infringed?” You don’t deserve your rights if your so willing to lose them.

  • Tim February 3, 2022, 9:19 am

    God gave us the right to protect ourselves. The government thinks they can take it away. We cannot let that happen!

  • Tim February 2, 2022, 7:55 pm

    Think please Read the Second Amendment ! I’ve been around long enough to know you can’t argue with a person that’s not educated enough to learn from history!

  • Tim February 2, 2022, 7:25 pm

    Shall not be Infringed!!!!

  • Mike February 2, 2022, 2:52 pm

    How about a law that states “if you are confronted by a person or persons that threaten you, and you have witnesses, YOU SHOOT THE PERSON(S) making the threat”. Works for me.

  • Steve February 2, 2022, 1:30 pm

    Just a question, not a comment. Does one have to have a license to manufacture guns?

    • Oafdawg February 2, 2022, 2:39 pm

      No, as long as it’s for personal use. You can’t make and then sell it.

  • Clint W. February 2, 2022, 12:03 pm

    Did you ever see the add titled AR15 receiver that consisted of a solid block of aluminum approximately the same size as the unmilled receiver? You just know that at some point, they will outlaw something as un-gun as that. You might have to sign a 4473 when you buy some billet aluminum from Speedy Metals one day, saying you are not building a firearm. Would you put it past them?

  • Brad February 2, 2022, 11:37 am

    The few, government, doesn’t need too know what the many, it’s citizens, do or do not own or do in their lives from the womb to the tomb. The British where defeated with so called ghost guns. American long rifles, superior too anything the British had at the time, made at home by a local blacksmith. No ATF regulating them, looking over their shoulder to keep all of us safe from the evil man and his home made firearm. As far as side stepping the law goes, what do you think you pay your lawyers to do. Educated to find ways around every law that government can come up with, and when they do, said laws are changed yet again. Now most in our government are, were lawyers . I can see no end to all of this. They change laws we adapt, they change , we adapt. They want, are getting total control over us. Where does it end?

    • Oafdawg February 2, 2022, 2:44 pm

      American guns back then were not superior to the “Brown Bess” the Brits used as far as a military weapon. If it was an American made rifle it was much harder to load quickly and didn’t have a bayonet.

      • Jim February 2, 2022, 8:08 pm

        The real reason we won is the Brits lost more officers in the Revolutionary War than they had in any other war they had fought. The American Long Rifle gave us the sniper ability to pick off their officers from a greater range than what the British could fire back at. Since their Officers were made up of the elites, they started refusing to go to America to die.

        • Michael February 3, 2022, 1:08 pm

          Actually the rifles were German or locally made versions of the German rifles of the time. There weren’t many of them and they were not well suited to rapid volley fire.

          I will tell you that in my opinion, calling your company Ghost Gun and having a photo on your website with a DEATHMERCHANT banner is not the way to win hearts and minds. Makes EVERYONE look bad.

          It’s as seriously stupid as giving a non or novice shooter a S&W 500 as their introduction to handguns. Everyone has a laugh after the bang and the novice shooter becomes an instant non-shooter.

          I don’t apologize to anyone for personally owning lots of firearms and think it’s important to teach others proper gun handling and why they are important. On the other hand, naming products and having slogans that hurt our collective cause is unwise. Doesn’t help anything and ultimately causes conflict and negative connotations regarding the so called “gun culture”.

          Would a reasonable person think that “DEATHMERCHANT” or “Ghost Gun” is a positive thing?

  • Bobby Rhodes February 2, 2022, 10:34 am

    Comments about regulating the aluminum? They don’t have to. They’ll regulate the mill. It won’t be long and they’ll be obtaining the records of all ghost gunner purchases in the name of public safety. Better pay cash in person, use your head.

    • Jim February 2, 2022, 8:13 pm

      Ghost Gunner is not the only CNC machine you can use, just one of the cheapest.

  • Adam February 2, 2022, 10:27 am

    First, kudos on an impressive and affordable CNC. I agree with the above comments about the who and why buys this. RIGHT NOW, we (law abiding citizens) can purchase and own said firearms. For me, the “holy s**t” moment was the direction we are heading. It feels like we are being relegated to cavemen times, build your own weapons out of whatever is available, go hunt, gather, etc. The simple fact that a product like this exists, with the given narrative and namesake, bothers me. I really like the “what” here, I just don’t like the “why”.

  • Charlie February 2, 2022, 10:27 am

    Good old American know how always finds a way to defeat tyranny !

  • Fred February 2, 2022, 10:16 am

    Or you can purchase a complete stripped lower for $40.00. Just a shame it was on that boat…….

  • pete February 2, 2022, 9:43 am

    This is disgraceful. Hehehe, look at us figuring out another way to circumvent the law. Aren’t we cool.

    • kc (sire/your majesty) February 2, 2022, 5:49 pm

      Not really. Just proving again that engineers are smarter than lawyers, especially when they ‘re writing laws about things they know nothing about.

  • B February 2, 2022, 9:28 am

    An even cheaper price to pay for freedom would be to abolish the ATF.

    • S.H. Blannelberry February 2, 2022, 9:34 am

      Good luck with that.

  • Think please February 2, 2022, 9:26 am

    We cant call ourselves “law abiding citizens” then knowingly purchase products intended to circumvent or skirt the intent of the law…
    What you dont see is the narrative campaign we are waging because of bad apples who should have never had access to guns or greedy gun makers looking to pad their coffees off the rest of us by doing crap like this and mislabeling it as innovative. If you are a law abiding citizen then you dont need a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number. And for that matter there isn’t a reason any of us cant endure thorough background checks and standardized training requirements…particularly given the stats for deaths by suicide, murder from insanity? or accidents.

    • Law Abiding Citizen February 2, 2022, 9:48 am

      When the ATF moves the goalposts, the quarterback needs to adjust his game. How do you feel about the law being circumvented by the ATF to create criminals? Does that bother you? You seem like a fudd, maybe you should read a story about 30-30’s and leave EBRs to those that value their freedoms.

      Bad apples will always get guns. “Ghost guns” are not new. They’ve been around for as long as serial numbers have been. Bad apples would just grind the numbers off. And they still do. Unserialized, manufactured guns are rare for criminals. You’re only giving credibility to the anti-gunner arguments by conceding that point.

      PS. You gave yourself away as being a liberal troll when you used the words “Need,” “standardized training requirements,” “endure thorough background checks” and drawing in the emotion card of “deaths by suicide, murder from insanity” in your final argument. Suicides don’t create ghost guns – THEY BUY THEM. You lack credibility, you lack logic, you lack Constitutional awareness, you lack knowledge of the rule book and instead, you fall right into the liberal playbook of “not needing” something that the Constitution guarantees as an inalienable RIGHT. Yes, I am an attorney, a former prosecutor turned defense attorney. I know a liberal in sheep dogs clothing and you sir are a sheep with a cheap sheepdog coat.

      • Think please February 2, 2022, 10:45 am

        I highly doubt you are anyone’s atty or prosecutor…based off your ad hominem attacks its clear you lack the patience…i am not interested in giving credibility to anyone…its simple…gun owners by in large a good people…but sadly too many of us fall prey to schemes with no real world use…as a self proclaimed credentialed legal expert and constitutional wiz you more than anyone should value people not escaping the intent of law…especially just because they “want” a gun they can buy just fine legally…if the ATF moves the goal posts its because there was a need or because someone tried to ignore the intent of it…is it perfect? No…no policy in this country is…but then we use congress and (fair, non gerrymandered) elections to shift policy…not even remotely liberal…but unlike many of my fellow conservatives I see the wolves on BOTH sides of the isle…you cant…whats funny to me is all this liberal this blah blah…here is a fact: obama levied no restrictive gun control that impacted our rights to own aside from the DOJ attempting to restrict ghost guns…Trump however gave us the bump stock ban, and used his DOJ to pursue ghost guns from being legal…(but that’s yalls guy for some reason lol). Not to mention how blind yall were to the NRA being so corporate driven and infiltrated by commies…but sure…liberals are your threat…ha…wake up. The adversary at the gate are corporate and trying to take every penny you have while lobbying for their taxes and gaslighting all of us because we are too emotional and irrational about guns…we have become a nation of entitled brats..and they are pimping us…

        • Fal Phil February 2, 2022, 1:21 pm

          I don’t think LAC’s reply to you was ad hominem. It was calling a spade a spade.

          Statutory law is an artificial invention. It is arbitrary, which is why it has to be interpreted. Natural law is absolute. This would include the law providing for defense from nefarious characters (including governments) regardless of the tools and/or weapons used in that defense.

          Your argument is a category error.

      • Adam February 2, 2022, 10:56 am

        Quarterbacks don’t care about the goalposts, kickers do. Just sayin. What you said isn’t entirely wrong, but tone it down yeah? That being said, should I find myself in a legal battle, I know where to find an aggressive attorney.

    • JOC February 2, 2022, 9:52 am

      Law abiding citizen here. Historically speaking, it’s been a prudent thing to have a weapon or three laying around that the government knows nothing about.

      • Think please February 2, 2022, 10:24 am

        Do you really think some ghost guns are gonna stop well trained operatives and drones or clandestine infiltration? If the US govt wants us gone…we can be gone…ask any minority group (innocent or not) that also had guns in this country…according to history…

        • Fal Phil February 2, 2022, 1:23 pm

          Hey, it worked for the Afghans.

    • Bob Thomas February 2, 2022, 9:52 am

      “standardized training requirements”?

      You’re an idiot. No one needs “standardized training requirements” to exercise a right. Go away troll.

      • Think please February 2, 2022, 10:20 am

        Ok…remember that when you get on the highway clown…driving is a right…so when you get hit by someone idiot who didnt take any driving course…remember thats how you wanted it.

        • Allen February 2, 2022, 10:59 am

          Driving is not a right. When you lose your license for some reason you have lost driving privileges. And when it is not against the law to make your own firearm then how is it circumventing the law. What law? Name it.

        • Do better. February 2, 2022, 11:03 am

          No Ding Dong. Driving is not a right. It is a privilege.

    • What If February 2, 2022, 10:21 am

      What if we have “standardized training requirements…” to vote?

  • Joe February 2, 2022, 9:02 am

    They will also track all billet sales & make possession by users illegal.

  • J Huerta February 2, 2022, 8:54 am

    I’m a huge gun nut and have been for many years, but I just don’t see how this is a good thing. Right now I can go anywhere and buy a gun, a receiver etc. This would appeal to me if I were a criminal, however I am not.

    • Law Abiding Citizen February 2, 2022, 9:51 am

      Some people don’t like the 4473’s tracking their ownership of firearms. 4473’s are being kept in FBI databases, despite the law requiring no database of gun owners. Some people value privacy more than you. Are you comfortable with government employees knowing what guns you own when they decide that citizens should only have 3 – that anything more is now the new definition of a “domestic terrorist?” The liberal government is constantly changing the game against you, maybe some people are happier being off the radar – especially the law abiding.

      • Curious February 2, 2022, 11:30 am

        4473 kept by fbi from where. What states. What ffl.

  • Mike in a Truck February 2, 2022, 7:13 am

    Wot?!! The unwashed rabble ingrates are making their own weapons in defiance of the orders from the Crown? Deploy a legion of Hessians immediately to put down this unauthorized insurrection!

  • Leigh February 2, 2022, 6:07 am

    Get a club together…pool some money…the cost does not seem as bad.
    Have get-togethers …miller time? milling time?
    Every other week do reloading?

  • Josh February 2, 2022, 6:00 am

    I love that they’re thinking outside the box. If they can get the cost of the CNC down to $1500, they’ll probably have one in every gun owner’s home in America.

  • Roger D February 2, 2022, 5:56 am

    How long do you think the ATF will allow you to make a firearm receiver from scratch? After that the ATF will attempt to make the sale or possession of used and new gun parts, ALL PARTS, a felony. Don’t get caught with that little spring because it’s a machinegun.

  • Jon Carroll February 2, 2022, 4:21 am

    sorry, its BS, its not working from a raw block, its a block, and the buffer tube ring, and the lower half of a magwell and a trigger guard that you at this point have to buy from them…

  • Tom February 2, 2022, 4:18 am

    Does anyone really believe the ATF won’t go after these units?

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