Hatsan Introducing AR-Style SDX Shotguns for Fall 2020

The SDX is available in 12 gauge and .410 bore. (Photo: Hatsan)

Hatsan USA is growing their portfolio of modern AR-style semi-auto shotguns with the new SDX series. These box magazine-fed shotguns join a solid feature set with futuristic styling at approachable price points.

The Escort SDX is gas-operated, available in 12 gauge and .410 bore, in all black or flat dark earth with black accents. Each comes with two 5-round magazines plus a short mag stored in the buttstock.

These shotguns have adjustable AR-type carry handle rear sights with triangular front sight blocks and optional, included flip up backup sights. The controls are also AR-based with a left-side selector lever and right-side magazine release button. The reversible charging handle is fixed on the bolt.

The SDX uses a compact annular gas piston to reduce the overall size of the “upper” portion of the shotgun to provide more rifle-like ergonomics. The handguard is pretty slender and modular to let users mount lights, slings and other accessories however they choose.

The shotguns come with fixed and folding sights and a sight adjustment tool. (Photo: Hatsan)

The SDX12 in 12 gauge has an 18-inch barrel with interchangeable, extended compensator chokes in cylinder bore, improved cylinder and full. The SDX410 in .410 bore has a 20-inch barrel with a fixed cylinder bore.

All models come with hard chrome-plated barrels chambered for 2-3/4- and 3-inch shells. They also have buttstocks that are adjustable for length of pull and cheek height.

Overall they measure in at around 39 inches long, less for the 12 gauge models, but a little heavier. The 12 gauge SDX shotguns weigh about 9 pounds while the .410 models come in a just under 8 pounds.

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Finally, the finish, black or tan, is Cerakote for durability and corrosion resistance. Suggested retail pricing starts at $619 for the black models and $689 for two-tone flat dark earth.

In stores and online that works out to prices starting in the $500 to $600 range, although availability this year has been tight due to increased demand. Still, that includes the two sets of sights and three magazines, the two 5-rounders and a 2-round 12-gauge mag or a 3-round .410 magazine.

For more information about these shotguns and the rest of the Hatsan lineup, head over to the company website.

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