Innovation on Display—SHOT Show 2017

Image courtesy of NSSF.

Well, we just finished up walking the floor of the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas and are working hard to dig through all the great new products we found this year. We will be showing you these in our continuing “12 Days of SHOT” coverage.

All in all, we came away very impressed with the level of innovation we saw in the new offerings on display. From radical developments like the new Hudson H9 and the Standard Manufacturing Volleyfire to a lot of new long-range precision rifles chambered for the 6.5mm Creedmoor and more. And the show itself was a big success, with attendance reaching 65,000 attendees.

We worked hard to track down the new products and the new trends on display at this year’s SHOT Show and hope you enjoy our coverage of it. Be sure to keep an eye out out for all that we found in the coming days and weeks. From the newest and greatest pocket guns to tactical and sporting shotguns to cutting-edge optics to the best rifles and carbines as well as much, much more, we ID’ed a lot of really interesting finds and plan to show you all of them. So, stay with us and enjoy!

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