Intense film recaptures slaying of cop from officer’s POV

Student director Benjamin Afrmann recently aired his short film entitled “Random Stop,” which recounts the story of Kyle Dinkheller, a Laurens County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Deputy who was killed during a shootout with a deranged motorist following a traffic stop in 1998.

The short, which is Afrmann’s MFA thesis project for UCLA, uses an intense point-of-view filming style to capture the encounter between Dinkheller and the man who executed him, Andrew Howard Brannan.

“The film was designed in response to the current POV/GoPro craze,” said Afrmann in an email to the online magazine Motherboard. “Most POV shorts I’ve seen, like Bad Motherfucker (which I love), have been adolescent hero fantasies. The hero picks up a gun, kills a ton of people, and saves the day.”

“When our team decided to make a POV short, we emphatically wanted to do something more grounded and real—something that showed the actual consequences of gunplay, the danger, and the very real potential for tragedy that it can represent,” Afrmann continued.

[H/T Motherboard, Daniel Terrill]

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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