Intruder Gut-Shot After Breaking into Texas Home

Details are still developing but early reports indicate that a San Antonio, Texas man shot a suspected home invader over the weekend. 

Local news affiliate Ken5 reports that the incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. Sunday on the city’s west side. 

The perp, who has yet to be identified but was said to be in his 40s, was suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach when police arrived. 

Paramedics began rendering aid to the perp in the ambulance.  Then, suddenly, the man kicked open the ambulance door and fled the scene.  

Responding officers tracked the suspect down and force him back inside the ambulance.

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Upon interviewing the homeowner, it became clear why the suspect was so eager to leave.  

Per the victim, the suspect was in the process of forcing his way into the victim’s home when the victim shot him in the stomach.  

The investigation is ongoing but if all the facts check out, it’s unlikely that the homeowner will be charged.

Crime is on the rise in San Antonio and city leaders are struggling to cope.  

City Council members have recently discussed violence interruption programs, hiring experts to conduct research, and improving street lighting as ways to curb the violence. 

Perhaps along with those strategies, city leaders ought to encourage more law-abiding citizens to bear arms for personal protection and publicize lawful instances of self-defense to remind criminals that they are likely to meet armed resistance when they prey upon the innocent.

Creating more hard targets will not only work to deter hardened criminals but will help eliminate them as well. Dead offenders cannot become repeat offenders.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Michael Martinez May 13, 2022, 7:31 am

    I have lived in San Antonio all my life, except for the time I spent in the military. Nobody needs to remind criminals that there are armed citizens living here! In my experience, it is rare to find a homeowner that does not own at least ONE firearm. However, times have changed; I think it’s better here than in other cities this size, but still — there seems to be (and the media is largely silent about it here) a marked increase in gun violence in San Antonio. I have to look (take the effort to make an internet search) to get details (or just find out) about local shootings, which happen daily in San Antonio, most of them at night or early morning. Regarding May 10th, 2022, I could only find the fatal shooting of a 16 y/o girl (sitting in the back of a stolen vehicle) at 0030 at night, and another fatal shooting of a man outside a bar at 0230. It’s like the media here report these type of incidents when they must, then try to bury the stories ASAP. In most cases, shootings involve people in the process of doing something illegal; half the time they are in homes or apartments. The other half of the time they are in bars or stores or parking lots. I don’t leave my home to go out at night anymore, if I can help it. I just don’t feel comfortable — and we have a TON of people who are running around carrying firearms, most of which (I’m pretty sure) have a concealed license to do so. I frequently see advertising for available CCL classes, which wasn’t the case five years ago. However, I’ve met several people who have their CCL, and they carry daily, which I find a bit… disquieting. For many, I am amazed they qualify to have a license to drive, much less carry a firearm!

  • Sterling Rice May 13, 2022, 7:09 am

    To be more accurate, the perp was shot in the abdomen. The abdomen contains multiple organs: the stomach, spleen, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, small and large bowel, etc., as well as blood vessels large and small. The bullet likely hit several structures in the abdomen. Wish the media would get the description right in these stories. It’s a common mistake that should not be made.

    • D.J. May 13, 2022, 9:31 am

      Thanks for the clarification , Doc .

    • LJ May 13, 2022, 12:46 pm

      SOOO … inquiring minds want to know, do you think it hurt? Maybe next time use a larger caliber – like a .44 mag? Ask Larry Flint is THAT hurt.

    • Godfrey Daniel May 13, 2022, 2:20 pm

      Close enough for perp work.

      • John a Boutwell May 15, 2022, 9:31 am

        I like that one.

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