Israel Weapon Industries Announcing Generation II Galil ACE

IWI US is announcing the Galil ACE Generation II, with an improved feature set and more options. (Photo: IWI US)

Israel Weapon Industries, or IWI, just announced a second generation of Galil ACE rifles and pistols, with a number of welcome updates. Three Generation II Galil ACE products are listed on IWI US with the promise of more to follow.

For now, IWI US is showing off two rifles, one in 5.56x45mm NATO and the other of course in 7.62x39mm. They’re also launching with a 7.62x39mm pistol with an 8.3-inch barrel. They come with folding AR-style stock adapters and Magpul CTR stocks with cheek risers on the rifles and an SB Tactical BA-3 stabilizing brace on the pistol.

Changes to the new gen Galils include a free-floating modular M-Lok handguard with an updated trigger housing featuring a redesigned trigger and safety selector. The Gen II ACE retains the left-side charging handle and reciprocating dust cover, one of the standout features of the ACE pattern.

They’re launching with two rifles and a pistol and expect more to follow. (Photo: IWI US)

The redesigned Gen II ACE also has a full-length rail along the top, for use with IWI or aftermarket iron sights instead of the integral sights on the older design. All these changes make the new Galil ACE rifles a bit more flexible and easier to use while keeping up with its modern competition.

By themselves, these little tweaks will be appreciated by the Galil community but the big news is in the models IWI US plans to release. IWI US is not only working on guns in 5.56 and 7.62, they’re going to make 5.45x39mm a standard cartridge. While they did produce some Gen I ACE guns in 5.45, they were part of a limited run. Now 5.45 will be a standard offering.

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On top of that IWI US will be adding a third barrel length option. The 8.3-inch and 16-inch models will get a 13-inch Gen II ACE in between, which will make a lot of people happy, especially with 5.56 and 5.45 which can throw some serious fireballs with shorter barrel lengths.

IWI hasn’t detailed prices on the Gen II but they’re likely to be in-line with current new-production Galil products which command a decent price premium but fall short of boutique and custom semi-auto rifle prices. According to IWI US these are all 922r-compliant so long as they are used with American-made magazines.

If you’re interested in the new Gen II Galil ACE rifles and pistols be sure to hit up IWI US online for more information.

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