The Legend Jerry Miculek & The New Mossberg 940 Pro – SHOT Show 2020

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At the 2020 SHOT Show shotgun authorities Mossberg and Jerry Miculek were proud to exhibit the new 940 JM Pro, their newest improved, competition-ready semi-automatic shotgun.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Mossberg and Miculek but the new shotgun still stands out. Offered in two versions in 2020, the 940 is based on the 930 with a new gas system that improves reliability and runs longer with less maintenance.

The new 940 JM Pros are 12-gauge shotguns with a 9+1 capacity, 3-inch chambers, 24-inch barrels and extended controls. Additionally, they have enlarged loading ports, extended chokes, and bright HiViz fiber optic sights.

Mossberg is leading with a black and tungsten model with gold highlights as well as a black model with MultiCam furniture. Both are featured to the point where even existing 930 JM Pro owners may want to consider upgrading.

The Legend Jerry Miculek & The New Mossberg 940 Pro - SHOT Show 2020
Mossberg is introducing the 940 series with two JM Pro 10-shot models. (Photo: Mossberg)

Existing 930 owners may know that Mossberg recommends preventative maintenance around every 500 rounds to clean out the gas piston. The 940 JM Pro gas system is designed to go three times longer and run 1,500 rounds before needing a good wipe-down.

Changes to the gas system allowed Mossberg to use a smaller forend with the 940. Especially with competition guns, smaller and lighter forends are increasingly popular across a wide range of sports.

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The receiver was altered with a very large loading port along with the elevator and shell catch to make quad-loading the shotgun easier, which of course makes it easier to load two shells or single shells, too.

Mossberg says they’re tightening their manufacturing and assembly standards with the 940 series and using an improved barrel construction that ensures a more consistent point of impact for a variety of shotgun loads.

All the internals sport a slick and corrosion-resistant nickel-boron finish. The black and gold model has a tungsten-anodized receiver and gold anodizing on the extended bolt handle, and bolt and magazine buttons while the black and camo model has black anodized enlarged controls and a black receiver.

The 940 JM Pro series continues to use Mossberg’s Accu-Set chokes but ships with three high-performance extended Briley chokes; cylinder, improved cylinder and modified. Instead of the simple red fiber optic front sight the 940 JM Pro ships with a user-configurable TriComp sight system with nine light pipes in three colors and heights.

Suggested retail price is $1,015 which should put real-world and online pricing around $900, give or take.

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